How to Apply in Quebec as Immigrant for Skilled Workers

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This is a practical and easy to understand step by step guide to help you immigrate to Quebec whether you are still debating on going or have made up your mind and raring to go.

First you need to understand Quebec itself. Is it really the place you want to go to? Will you be able to survive in a place like Quebec? Can you withstand the weather, the people and the demands of the society and community? How will Quebec affect your life? Why do you want to go to Quebec? Who will come with you?

Those are the most important questions you need to ask yourself before making an informed decision. Look for those who have experienced Quebec first-hand, those can be found in the internet or even in your local community, and ask them how their experience felt like. Then ask yourself if you could survive the same. This will make your plans feasible and based on reality.

Second evaluate yourself. You could actually incorporate this in the first step but just to be sure there’s an online tool called Preliminary Evaluation for Immigration (PEI) that can be used to evaluate your chances. It’s free of charge and responds immediately. Granted, it doesn’t give you your true evaluation results but this could help you prepare for the real thing.

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Third, this is optional but highly recommended, find a valid job offer Quebec. This is just so you don’t have to spend months looking for a job in Quebec while attempting to feed, clothe and house yourself using your savings. This may prove difficult but when isn’t finding a job difficult? This also furthers your chances of being successfully picked out from the other applicants.

Research also on the job market and prospects of Quebec; learn where your area of expertise is most applicable and which sector of activity would you best fit in. find out if your profession is regulated by Quebec and if it is, prepare for the requirements to obtain your rights to practice your profession. Knowledge of French is essential to everyday life and English is a very valuable asset in finding a job.

Fourth, start preparing your documents and requirements. You need to have your professional profile, that is documents supporting your level of schooling, work experience, age, knowledge of French and English, your stay in Québec and family relation with Canadian citizen or permanent Quebec resident, valid employment offer and characteristics regarding accompanying spouse if applicable. The government also takes into the number of family members that will accompany you and your capacity to financial self-sufficiency for the first three months following your arrival in Quebec.

You also need to prepare and complete your application. A complete and admissible application contains the Application for Selection Certificate – Skilled Worker – Principal applicant, spouse or de facto spouse (A-0520-AA),  duly completed and signed, the Documents to submit in support of the Application for a Certificat de sélection du Québec – Skilled Workers (regular program) , duly completed and signed and supporting documents, in the required format, in particular to demonstrate your knowledge of French and English and exact and complete payment of required fees. All forms are downloadable in the official site of Quebec.
All documents must be mailed to:

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Direction du courrier, de l’encaissement et de l’évaluation comparative
Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion
285, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, 4e étage
Montréal (Québec)  H2Y 1T8

Do remember to take into account the time it takes for your documents to reach Canada, you may not reach the cut-off time if you mail it too late. After all is done, you must apply for permanent residence to the Centralized Office in Canada, in Sydney, Nova Scotia. They will evaluate your medical records and including those who will come with you and will conduct a security check. If you meet the requirements you will be issued a permanent residence visa.

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The fees levied by the Québec government for processing immigration applications are indicated below (Application for a Selection Certificate). Principal applicant will pay C$765; spouse and each dependent child will pay C$164. Payment may be made by certified cheque drawn on a Canadian bank, cashier’s cheque, cheque issued by a Canadian company, Canada Post money order, bank draft drawn on a Canadian bank or credit card. If you mail in your application, you must fill in the form Payment by credit card, sign it and attach it to your application.
After it has all been completed, signed and sent, the next is just a waiting game.

Once you have been approved you may now go to Quebec! Upon arrival proceed to Immigration Quebec office to get your reception formalities you will be given free group sessions to help you find a settle down and find a job as well as information pamphlets and flyers.

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You may now successfully integrate yourself into Quebec. Canadian Government and other organizations also offers services to better help you integrate into the local community.

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