Understanding Canada's National Occupational Classification

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National Occupational Classification or NOC is Canada’s system used to classify jobs.

Such system is used by many of Canada’s immigration programs to determine if a job or occupation is eligible to apply. As an example, an applicant should check the NOC to see which occupation types are classified as “skilled” (those under Skill Type 0 or Skill Levels A or B).

Skill Type 0 – management jobs.

  • restaurant managers
  • mine managers
  • shore captains

Skill Level A — professional jobs. Such occupations usually require university degrees.

  • doctors
  • dentists
  • architects
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Skill Level B — jobs that require technical skills and skilled trades. Such occupations usually need a college diploma or receive training as apprentice to perform these jobs.

  • chefs
  • electricians
  • plumbers

Skill Level C — intermediate jobs. Such occupations require high school education and job-specific training.

  • truck drivers
  • butchers
  • food servers
  • baristas

Skill Level D — labour jobs. Such occupations are often given on-the-job training.

  • cleaners
  • oil field workers
  • fruit pickers

As a skilled immigrant applying through Express Entry program, your job must be in either type 0, A or B. The Express Entry system manages applications for permanent residence if you want be considered:

  • as a Federal Skilled Worker,
  • under the Federal Skilled Trades Program,
  • or under the Canadian Experience Class.
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If your job is skill level C or D:

  • you may be able to come to Canada as a provincial nominee, as long as it is not in a program for skilled workers, or
  • you may be able to work here for up to two years.

People who come to work on a temporary basis are not permanent residents. However, some go on to immigrate here on a permanent basis.

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