How to Find the Right Moving Company in Canada

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Moving to a new apartment or house is not an easy task. A single family has too much to do, and too much stress to bear, making it very hard for them to move to the new house by themselves.

And let’s be honest, it is not easy to pack your whole life and move to another. This is why hiring a moving company is a crucial step in setting thins in order. However, before hiring a company, one must check if the company is the right for them. There are lots of frauds in every business, moving included.

Questions you need to ask the mover

  1. Does the company have a valid license and insurance cover?
  2. How long the company has been in the business? Ask them to list all their services, both moving and additional services.
  3. Do they do the moving or they hire subcontractors? Also, ask for their phone, email, and address information.
  4. Ask for an estimated delivery name, and full name of the workers.
  5. Do they have the proper equipment?
  6. Who will do the unpacking and provide storage services at the end?
  7. Ask them to provide workers compensation board certificate
  8. How are the items stored during the moving? If in a van, is it parked at a secure location? If in a facility, ask who owns the facility, the company or a third party?
  9. Are the employees in the company properly trained, especially in dismantling furniture and big items? Do they charge extra for large items?
  10. How do they charge, hourly or weight of shipment rate?
  11. Ask if there is a cancellation policy.

Signs of a bad moving company

  1. Resistance to provide a quote. Bad moving companies tend to give low estimate, and add several hidden charges after that.
  2. Unprofessional representatives, starting from the employee who answers the phone.
  3. Time charging. Bad moving companies usually charge hourly rate, estimating the time to get to your house as well. And since they charge by the hour, movers work slowly. This adds extra hours to your bill
  4. Bad reviews are the best signs you can find. When someone is bothered enough to write a bad review, it certainly is a company you should not trust. Nobody wastes his time to spam reviews for companies
  5. They accept only cash payments.
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Signs of a good moving company

  1. They answer your phone calls, and are very comprehensive in their answers.
  2. Someone has recommended them to you. First source for a good moving company is your friends and family.
  3. Good moving companies offer free expert advice for packing, cost evaluation, how to settle into the new neighborhood, and some other useful information.
  4. They are fully and properly equipped to get the job done within the time frame they set. A good moving company owns several vans for moving, they don?t rent.
  5. They get good reviews. Check reviews of the company you want to hire. A simple Google search can go a long way.
  6. Most importantly, they are a member of the Canadian association of movers.

Seeking Help and Filing a Complaint

If there is any issue, the best and safest way is to try to resolve it with the company you have hired. Talking directly with the movers is the easiest way. However, sometimes, things do not work out, and you need to file a complaint. In those situations, it is best to contact the Office of Consumer Affairs:

Online: Fill up form
By Telephone:
613-954-5031 (Toll-free: 1-800-328-6189 (Canada))

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By Mail:

Industry Canada Web Service Centre
Industry Canada
C.D. Howe Building
235 Queen Street
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0H5

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