An Overview on Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia, Canada. Having one of the biggest hubs of people in Canada, Halifax topped the list of the largest city by the quality of life and is the 4th Canada, according to a 2012 survey. Today, Halifax is more commonly known as Halifax Regional Municipality.

Do You Know? Halifax is the largest urban area in the Atlantic and is using Atlantic Standard Time (UTC-4).

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Culture of Halifax

Halifax is the major economic center in the east of Canada holding many private sector companies and government agencies. Most cities are built with heritage sites that have been preserved over the years. In addition, it has a great number of museums and art galleries that delineate the history and evolution of Halifax. The most visited national historic site in the city is the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site.

Economy of Halifax

Halifax has four primary resource industries namely fishing, agriculture, forestry, and mining. The government of Halifax also has a strong affinity for the Armed Forces. In fact, the single largest employer in the city is the Department of the National Defence. Meanwhile, the city’s port plays a big role and has the largest influence on the economy of Halifax.

Sports and Recreation

Halifax is active in promoting sports. It is home to several sports franchises and the host of major sporting events including Women’s World Ice Hockey Championships, World Indoor Lacrosse Championship, CIS Men’s Basketball Championship, and Canada Winter Games.

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Halifax also has good nightlife. On special occasions, government officials perform fireworks display which is best viewed from a boat. Recreational areas of Halifax also include oceans and lakes and urban parks.

Climate and Weather

The climate of Halifax is wide-ranging varying from low cold temperatures to high warm temperatures which are believed to be caused by the location of the country which in the Atlantic coast. Halifax has four seasons. The city is foggy and misty due to the influence of the ocean.

“Sister Cities”

Halifax has three sister cities namely Hakodate, Japan (both have star forts), Campeche, Mexico (has a similar size to Halifax), and Norfolk, Virginia (both have rich military history and rely on Armed Forces). It was in 1917 when the largest man-made explosion in the world was ever made, the Halifax Explosion. The French cargo ship which is fully loaded with explosives barged in with a Norwegian vessel which resulted in a massive explosion, hence killing and injuring thousands of people.

Living in Halifax

Compared to other Canadian cities, Halifax is one of the most affordable cities to stay in and live in. It is actually a small town but with boosting economic centers and rich cultural heritage. It is an exciting place to live in especially the downtown area which is vibrant with tourist attractions, live music and shopping areas. The inhabitants of the country speak both English and French.

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