How to Save Money When Hiring Movers

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It is not an easy task to pack up your whole life, and move to another place. Some people hire movers, some decide to do it by themselves. The reason most people resist the urge to hire professional movers is the price. For that reason, heed on several tips on how you can save some money, and get a professional service at the same time.

Leave out things you don’t need. We all have stuff in our home that we don’t use anymore, and quite frankly, we don’t need them. You can hold a garage sale to get rid of some of those stuffs, leave the books with your friends or give stuff to charity. You need to reduce the weight, since the equation is simple: more weight = more money.

Timing is everything. Try to time your move when it is less costly such as during the off season, prices go down. June and July are statistically the most expensive months for moving, as everyone wants to move during the summer. Days of the month are also important, as the first and last few days are the busiest. Hence, avoid them.

Plan ahead. Book your movers early to get a lower rate. If you wait for the last minute, chances are you’ll get charged extra since the company has to squeeze you in their schedule.

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Be flexible. Allow the moving company to make their own schedule for moving, and you’ll get rewarded. Expect to get the mid-week days since companies are busier during the weekends. People rarely move during working days, and if you provide the company work for those days, more often than not, they’ll reward you.

Ask if there are hidden charges. When hiring a moving company, the best move is to get a fixed quota. However, always make sure to ask if there are any additional charges that might be a burden for your budget if you are not anticipating them. Plan in advance to calculate some fees and charges into your quota.

Make sure you have your new home ready for the date movers deliver your stuff. If your home is not ready to move into, you could  face transit and storage fees. Additionally, make sure your payment is ready when the truck arrives.

Make sure to ask anything you need to know about moving larger items. Larger items usually cost extra. A word of advice: try to rent a trailer and move them yourself when driving to the destination.

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Ask around for the price of specialty movers. Some items like pianos are less expensive if you find specialty movers to do the job.

Pack your appliances. Most companies charge extra for special packing of appliances and other sensitive stuff in your home. You can do it yourself, or ask a friend for help.

Do it yourself. If the price at the end seems too expensive for you, moving by yourself is always an option. For small load, it is even the better option. Make a loading plan, pack yourself up, and call a daily rental moving truck company. Some of them offer daily rates. Make sure to move the heaviest and biggest items first. You can move the small items with your car.

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