Understanding Canadian Citizenship Test

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Canadian citizenship test is a requirement once you apply to become a citizen of Canada. Once candidates pass the test, they are approved for citizenship, which allows them to vote, get Canadian passport, driver’s license and ID, permanent job, social insurance number and among others.

The citizenship certificate is a paper document containing name, date of birth, gender, date of becoming citizen, and unique client identifier of the holder. It should be noted that the obtained citizenship is not a form of travel document. A person who passed the test entitles the applicant the opportunity to apply for a passport (travel document).

Overview of Citizenship Test
Anyone willing to become a citizen must take and pass the test. The test shows how much the candidate knows about Canada (questions about rights, freedoms, responsibilities of citizens, democracy of Canada, political and military history). The test can be taken both in written or oral form. Candidates, who pass the test, may schedule a ceremony date, provided they meet other requirements for citizenship. The date of the ceremony is usually six months after the test. Those who fail the test – but meet other requirements – are given a second test. Failing the second test leads to invitation for interview with a citizenship officer.

Objectives for Applying for Citizenship Test
The objective of the Canadian citizenship test is to prove that the applicants could be eligible for obtaining citizenship, no matter where they were born. Being considered a citizen of Canada carries certain benefits such as being able to apply for a job and obtaining a Canadian passport.

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Requirements for Candidates
Not everyone can take the test. There are certain requirements that need to be met. People serving in or with Canadian Armed Forces can apply for fast track process. Only people at least 18 years old can apply for the citizenship test. However, parents can apply for their children when they are under 18 years old.

Next requirement is permanent residence status in Canada. Permanent residency is granted when the person has stayed the country for at least three years or 1,095 days. Meanwhile, there are two official languages in Canada (English and French).


Speaking one of the two is a must. Understanding the language means the candidate should take part in short, everyday conversations, can understand instructions, questions and directions, can use basic grammar and show knowledge of common words and phrases. Furthermore, candidates must show basic knowledge of Canada, including history, values, institutions and symbols.

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Process of Taking the Test
The process of taking the test starts with preparation. Applicants need to study the rights, freedoms and responsibilities of citizens, political and military history of Canada, physical and political geography, social and cultural history. A good way to prepare is to study the official guide and some sample questions which can be found on the web. Once candidates apply, the office sends them notice for the time and the date of the test.

Importantly, applicants should bring original documents sent with the application form, and passport used in the past years when coming to the test. Those who pass the test, get Canadian citizenship, a legal document opening the door for several benefits.

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