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Perhaps, one of the most commonly encountered terms when you apply for work in Canada is the Labour Market Opinion (LMO). This article provides a brief discussion on the role of LMO and its importance in Canada’s labour market.

Definition of Labour Market Opinion
Labor market opinion, LMO, is an essential document that a Canadian employer gets before he or she gets hired an overseas worker. It is otherwise known as Confirmation Letter. LMO also entails provision of opinion to the Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) about the impact of hiring of a foreign employee on the Canadian labor market; hence, the name. A positive LMO means that the foreign worker can take the job and none of the residents in the Canada can seize the position.

joboffer-chart-enThe Process of Labour Market Opinion
LMO is issued by the Human Resource and Skills Development Canada (HRDSC). Processing for HRDSC takes between 10 days and 16 weeks. The LMO contains the working conditions such as the duration of work, working hours and wages. Typically speaking, LMO lasts from one year up to five years. The online form for LMO is in a questionnaire format. Instructions are provided for the completion of the form, and details should be all completely filled in. The form comes with a “Help” button to serve as a guide in completing every question. After answering all the questions, the form is now ready to be submitted online. The employer will receive a confirmation email of the submission of the LMO and a tracking number. Along with the LMO, the employer should also submit a printed and signed copy of Declaration of Employer page which will be sent to the Service Canada office.

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Important: It should be noted that both the employee and the employer should follow what states in the LMO as any violation of the conditions can negatively affect the worker’s application for Permanent Residency in Canada.

How Does Labour Market Opinion Differ from Working Permit?
An essential information worth mentioning is that LMO is not similar to working permit. Once the person has received a positive LMO, he can then apply for a work permit by sending an application to the Canadian Consulate in London prior to going to Canada, or in the event of his arrival, the person can apply a work permit directly at Point of Entry (POE).

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