Getting Ready for the Canadian Citizenship Test

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Becoming a full-pledged Canadian citizen requires effort and perseverance during the application process. Basic conditions for citizenship must be met and an evaluation must be accomplished.

The Citizenship test is the last step before taking the Canadian Oath of Citizenship and finally getting your citizenship certificate. Before taking the test, you need to prepare yourself and know what happens after taking the examination.

The age requirement eligible to take the citizenship test is between 14 and 64. The applicant must meet the basic conditions for citizenship prescribed by the governments’ Immigration Department. These conditions include age, permanent resident status, length of time lived in Canada, income tax filing obligations, intent to reside, language skills, knowledge on how well you know Canada and the prohibitions.

The test is usually written, however an interview with the citizenship officer may happen. The interview would further help them evaluate if the applicant knows to speak and understand English or French. In the case of the children, their parents or guardians may come with them but are not allowed to help during the testing of the child’s language or knowledge abilities.

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Here’s a guide on how and what to prepare before, during and after the Canadian Citizenship Test.

Before the test

1. Know the test coverage and how the examination will be administered.
The type of test is usually written but an interview may happen. During the written exam and interview, the citizenship officers will ask questions about:

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the rights, freedoms and responsibilities of Canadian citizens,
Canada’s democracy and ways to take part in Canadian society,
Canadian political and military history (including the political system, monarchy and branches of government),
Canadian social and cultural history and symbols, and
Canadian physical and political geography.

2.Getting ready for the test.
The applicant needs to study all the basic aspects involving Canada. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada will give you a free study guide after you apply. The CIC’s official study guide, Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship, may help the applicant prepare for the test. Discover Canada is always free from CIC.

3.Get your test date.
Wait until the Immigration Department will send a notice containing the testing date and time. If you are not available on that date, contact Canadas’ Call Center for possible rescheduling. If you fail to attend the test, you must contact the Call Centre or else, your application will be closed.

During the test

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On the day of the examination, the examiners will decide if the test will be written or oral based on a number of considerations. For instance, if you have trouble in reading and writing English or French, an oral test will be given through an interview with the Citizenship Officer.

The applicant must bring all the original documents submitted during the application and any passport or travel documents used within four years before they applied.

After the test

The result will be given right after the test. If the applicant pass and meet the other requirements for citizenship, they will give the schedule for Citizenship Ceremony where the applicant take Canada’s Oath of Citizenship and get the citizenship certificate.

If the applicant do not pass the written test, but meet the other citizenship requirements, the immigration will schedule for a second test. If the applicant do not pass the second test, they will send a notice telling the applicant to come to an interview with a citizenship officer. The 30-90 minute interview will be your last chance to prove your worth.

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