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Renewing Your Philippine Passport in Vancouver

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The process and requirements of Philippine Passport renewal abroad varies from one country to another. Therefore, it is important to browse through the steps on how to renew a Philippine Passport through the online site of the Philippine consulate at one’s location.

Furthermore, it is also important to know which locations are served by which Philippine Consulate. For instance, the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver serves only those residing within Northwest Territories, Alberta, British Columbia, and Yukon. That means unless you come from these Canadian provinces, or any location outside the jurisdiction of a Philippine consulate or embassy, you may be advised to proceed to an appropriate consular post unless in exceptional situations.

World Trade Centre, Office Complex
999 Canada Place, Suite 660
Vancouver, BC V6C 3E1
Phone: (604) 685-1619 or (604) 685-7645
Fax: (604) 685-9945

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philippine-epassportRequirements Passport Renewal at Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver

  1. Original and photocopy of the passport’s data page (the page with photo and personal information).
  2. Accomplished e-passport application form.
  3. Proof of Identity such as permanent work permit, tourist visa, resident card, or dual citizenship certificate (both original and photocopy must be presented).
  4. Self-addressed envelope (an envelope with applicant?s address to which the passport will be sent via mail).
  5. Renewal Fee.
  6. Original and Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate, if and only if either of the two conditions apply:
    -the latest passport currently held is a Machine Readable Passport (MRP)
    -the latest passport currently held was issued on or before 01 May 1995

Renewal Fees
An exact amount of $69.00 is charged for the renewal. The payment can be made in cash, by money order, or bank draft payable to the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver.

Booking an Appointment Online
Note: Patience is necessary when booking online, avoid refreshing the page or simultaneously surfing other websites.

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  1. Select the appropriate Staff Member and Service on the left-hand menu
  2. Check available dates on the calendar display. They are those in white background.
  3. Pick the most convenient appointment date. Booking can be done 90 days prior to chosen date. The appointment can be cancelled a few days before schedule should you decide not to continue as scheduled.
  4. Select preferred appointment time by clicking one among those in white background.
  5. Selected appointment schedule will then be displayed for confirmation and applicant will be prompted to log-in as new user or as a returning user.
  6. A new user or first timer will need to register and provide some information which will only take a few minutes. On the other hand, a returning user (someone who already booked an online application) will just need to log-in his or her account. The registration and confirmation email are sent to the email address provided, thus one must make sure that the email address provided is accessible. If the confirmation cannot be located in one?s inbox, then one should visit his or her email spam folder.
  7. Print the confirmation email. It will be presented at the front desk on the scheduled date to confirm appointment.


During the Scheduled Date

  • Make sure all requirements are complete and made necessary copies as needed.
  • Submit the confirmation email and all the requirements at the front desk.
  • Pay the $69.00 charged for the renewal.
  • Wait for one?s turn to be called for the photo capture, fingerprinting,signing, and data encrypting and certification.

Other important information:

  1. Passports will be available within approximately 10 weeks after date of application.
  2. When traveling passport validity must be at least 6 months prior to expiration. Thus, it is better if renewal is done at least 6 months prior expiration.
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