How to Apply for Temporary Resident Visa for Canada in the Philippines

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In Canadian lingo, tourist visa or visit visa is also known as Temporary Resident Visa since, as the name implies, visitors will reside in Canada on a temporary basis.

In order for an application of a Temporary Resident Visa to be granted, an applicant must provide supporting documents about his or her travel. These docuemnts include:

  • Application Form IMM5257. The form must be filled out completely, dated, signed and all questions must be answered. For questions that do not apply to the applicant, he or she must write N/A. Furthermore, each family member who also needs a visa must fill out this form.
  • Family Information Form IMM 5645. An applicant must fill out this form and each family member 18 years old and above who also needs a visa.
  • Two passport photographs for each applicant. Photographs must be signed, dated, and taken within the past 6 months. Furthermore, applicant’s name and birthdate must be written at the back of the photo. Those who need to give their biometrics are exempted from submitting paper photographs.
  • Processing fee (See Fees and Payment Instructions below)
  • A valid passport (at least one year validity).
  • All cancelled or expired passports (if applicable)
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover expenses for the duration of your visit. This includes:
    • Bank statement (last 6 months, must reflect current account balance)
    • Any additional relevant documentation (proof of pension, investments, last 2 pay slips, property titles, and etc.)
      NOTE: If the applicant is not paying for his or her own trip, he or she must specify how the trip will be subsidized and provide supporting documentation.For instance: parents’ bank statements; letter from employer covering costs; proof of employment and financial documents for host in Canada, and etc.
  • Explanation of the purpose of the trip. This includes the following information: (a.) details of applicant’s itinerary in Canada (b.) provisional travel arrangements (airline or hotel booking) (c.) Letter of invitation from the person or business you will visit, registration at a conference, etc.


To be eligible for online application:

  • An applicant must have access to a camera or scanner to create e-copies of the documents that are to be uploaded.
  • An applicant must have a valid credit card for payment.
  • An applicant must be able to determine his or her eligibility online and
  • Apply online.
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To submit an application through Visa Application Centres, an applicant must follow these steps:

  1. Read the instruction guide carefully and comprehensively. This handbook contains information and details about temporary resident visas and instructions in completing the application. Furthermore, the guide also contains a document checklist for the applicant to use.
  2. Complete the online application form, validate, and print. A completed application must include the barcode page. Applications may be refused or returned if requirements are incomplete.
  3. Pay the processing fee. The applicant must also be aware that all fees are non-refundable. If biometrics are requested a fee of $85.00 will be charged.
  4. Submit the application and supporting documents at the nearest visa application center. If applicant’s biometrics are asked, this will be completed at a VAC.
  5. Submit the application package, forms and supporting documents, as instructed in the guidelines.


There are several payment instructions that must be followed by applicants, these instructions are:
payments are not accepted. An applicant must pay by a certified cheque, a bank draft, a postal money order (PMO), or manager’s cheque.

  • Applicant’s name must be printed at the back of the certified cheque or bank draft.
  • Payments should only be either in Philippine Peso or Canadian Dollars. Other currencies are not accepted.
  • If payment is made in Canadian Dollars, it should be addressed to the Receiver General for Canada. On the other hand, if it will be paid in Philippine peso, it should be payable to the Canadian Embassy, located in Manila.
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For applications made in the Philippines, it takes approximately 14 days for visa to be processed. This is assumed that the applicant has complete application package and all documents handed are enough to support application.

Canada has two visa application centers in the Philippines.

Canadian Embassy
Levels 6 to 8, Tower 2, RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala Ave.,
Makati City, 1200.
Tel (63-2) 857-9000 and (63-2) 843-1082.

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Consulate of Canada
RD Corporate Center, 96 Governor M.C. Cuenco Ave.,
Banilad, Cebu City 6000.
Tel (63-32) 256-3320 or (63-32) 238-3421

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