How to Apply for Library Card at Winnipeg Public Library

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Canada has excellent social services that extends beyond job creation and health services. Among them is the provision of facilities for continuous learning such as public libraries located at strategic places around the country.  

One of the famous public libraries in Canada is the Winnipeg Public Library. This library is located in 20 areas within the city of Winnipeg, Canada. Furthermore, the library is open to all people including non-residents and visitors. It also offers a wide variety of services from collections down to information services. Winnipeg Library cards can be used at any branch within its system.

Types of Winnipeg Library Cards

There are various types of library cards used in the Winnipeg Public Library. These library cards are classified according to a borrower’s immigration status. The types of library cards include the following:

  • Non-Resident’s Cards. Non-residents can be obtained by paying an annual membership fee of $139.00. This fee is already good for a family. It is important for applicants to check with their area as Manitoba municipalities reimburse such fees.
  • Visitor Cards. Visitors can also obtain a membership card for as low as $55.00. This membership is already good for three months use.
  • Corporate Cards. This includes any business or organization, such as schools and day cares, may apply for a library card under this category. This card is valid for three years and will be subjected to address check conducted annually. All rules such as fines, fees, and loan periods apply to corporate memberships. A corporate card can be used to borrow up to 100 items in the library.
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Getting a Library Card

winnipeg_plLibrary cards are free if an individual lives or pays either property or business taxes in the city of Winnipeg. The application of a library card for all types is the same except for corporate cards. To get a card, an individual must follow the steps below:

  • Download and fill out a membership application form. These forms are also available at any branch of the Winnipeg Public Library.
  • Submit the filled out form at any Winnipeg Public Library branch.
  • Present acceptable identification cards. Acceptable identification cards include the following: (a.) Health Card, (b.) Birth Certificate, (c.) School or University Identification Card (d.) Passport Government, (e.) MLCC Identification Card, (f.) Credit/Bank Card with name, (g.) Canadian Citizenship Card, (h.) Permanent Residence Card, (i.) Certificate of Indian Status, (j.) Old Age Security (OAS) Identification Card, (k.) Canadian Armed Forces Identification Card, (l.) Canadian Firearms License, (m.) Manitoba Blue Cross Card, (n.) Baptismal Certificate, (o.) Social Insurance Number Card, (p.) Metis Harvestor Identification Card, and (q.) Community Financial Services Centre Client Identification Card. However, if a Winnipeg resident does not have an identification card, he or she can get a card with limited access to the library amenities. He/she can only borrow 2 items at a time.

On the other hand, corporate membership can be applied through the following process:

  • Submit a letter coming from the director of the organization with his/ her signature on it. The letter must also have its official letterhead on it.
  • Mail, email, or personally submit the letter at any Winnipeg Public Library.
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