Why It’s Better To Live In Canada Than USA

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Canada has many times been named as one of the best places to live on earth. In fact, several people deem it better to reside in Canada than the United States. In terms of area, Canada is the second biggest country. For many centuries, Canada has been home to many aboriginal tribes which is why you will witness many ancient traditions as well as observe the diversity of culture and races in many cities. Canada also offers a stable economy, a great environment and friendly people.

1. It houses many cryptids

Cryptids are described as prehistoric beings and may be highly influenced by myth. Canada is known to house many mythical creatures such as the giant Sasquatch, the Ogopogo in Lake Okanagan and the cannibalistic Windigo. These creatures may have been spawned by the imaginations of ancient aboriginal tribes.

2. The longest coastline

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Canada and USA miniature flagsMeasuring over 151,000 miles, Canada boasts of having the longest coastline in the world. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean as well as lounging in some of its warm beaches.

3. Very livable

Despite being smaller than most American cities, Canadian cities generally rank better in terms of livability because of the stable economy, beautiful environment and safe communities.

4. Fresh water

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You can get fresh and clean water for drinking or washing in Canada. The country has 9% of the renewable water supply of the world.

5. Opportunities to raise a family

There are also more women at childbearing age living in Canada compared to men. Many people can find opportunities to meet their life partner and raise a family in the best place.

6. Great environment

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Canada has 10% of the total forests in the world. The country features fresh air and wonderful sights which are perfect for different activities like hiking, biking or camping. There are also many parks and natural habitats available in various areas. Hobbyists and sports enthusiasts come to Canada to experience its beautiful mountains, trails and forests.

7. Innovations and inventions

Canadians are also known for being very creative and have come up with some of the newest designs and machines used by many other nations. Examples are the snowmobile, the IMAX film system, the Blackberry phone and insulin.

8. Hockey and music

Although lacrosse is the official sport of Canada, Canadians are known to be avid fans of hockey. You will also find many great places to listen to good music, featuring locally made instruments. Yodeling and organs are some of the popular forms of traditional music.

Overall, people who like to get away from the stress offered by the United States can unwind and choose Canada instead.

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