9 Dos and Don’ts When Visiting Canada

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When going to a foreign land like Canada, it is imperative that the person visiting the place should have good knowledge of the country. This is to determine how to act properly and avoid offending the residents. This article enumerates what and what not to do when stopping by in Canada.

# 1. DO. Get ready for winter. Canada is a very cold country; thus, when planning to visit during winter, make sure to bring warm clothes and winter sports gears.

# 2. DON’T. If the intent of traveling to Canada is pure non-business, then never come to Canada during wild weather. For obvious reasons, not all people are used to cold kind of environment and not all roads are accessible during this time. Come to summer if possible.

# 3. DO. Plan ahead of time. Know the do’s and don’ts when visiting Canada. Avoid driving during the winter season as the heavy snowballs make the driving a difficult one.

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# 4. DO. Prepare an Itinerary. This always comes in handy. Know ahead of time the city’s attractions and places to visit. On the other hand, it should be mentioned that Canada especially the British Columbia is an active earthquake zone, so be mindful of one’s safety. Tornados are likewise common occurrences in Canada.

# 5. DON’T. Do not expect too much. Truly, Canada is a beautiful country but like any other country, Canada has negatives too. One case in point is in many restaurants, it takes two hours for lunch to be served!

# 6, DO. Do see many places. Never restrict oneself to “overadvertised” places. There is no doubt about the beauty of Toronto and Vancouver but for sure, there is so much about Canada and the beautiful things about the country are not only contained to certain places. Each city and town in the country has some things to offer, so better explore and see the sights.

# 7. DON’T. Do not trust (entirely) the Canadians. Do not get this wrong but when a Canadian tells that the lake is warm and it is okay to swim, never believe in him. Remember that Canadians are used to freezing temperature and so what is warm for them may not be warm for other people.

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# 8 DON’T. Do not smoke nor drink alcohol in public places. They are banned in public and the practices are punishable by the law. Also, show congeniality and respect. Canadians have greater pride to their country. Never sit on their flag, for example.

# 9 DO. Expect for thieves. Canada is a rich country however pickpockets are still present on streets. Do not forget to secure valuable and essential documents.

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