Top Winter Activities in Canada

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It is now winter season in Canada yet, there’s no reason to remain indoors! Most people are oblivious as to how cold in Canada this time is. Nonetheless, most of them brag about their weather while some others condemn winter because of how the subzero chill affect their activities. Notwithstanding the “dreadful weather” of Canada, they seem to still enjoy the place. The following are the top winter activities in Canada one shouldn’t miss.|

Snowboarding. Looking for a site to snowboard? Well, Canada owns the best places to do the sport. Whislter, Big White, Lake Louise, Marmot Basin and Sunshine Village are amongst the best places to go snowboarding.

Ice Climbing. Ice climbing is one of the winter thrill activities one would surely love. One of the top winter activities in Canada, ice climbing is similar to rock climbing only that the person is ascending to cold, icy surface.

Hunting Northern Lights. Who doesn’t want to have a glimpse of this supernatural phenomenon? Not every knows it but Northern Lights shrine stronger in winter than in any other seasons. Canada is one of the best places to view the Aurora Borealis. In fact, people around the world especially the Japanese people intend to go to Canada to have a glimpse of the beautiful Aurora Borealis.

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Go ice fishing. Fishing is one of the most thriving activities in Canada not to mention when the temperature in the place starts to drop. The most popular site for anglers is the Lake Simcoe. Other popular sites for sports fishing include lakes in Ontario and Quebec.


Dog Sledding. One of Canadians’ favorite winter activities is dog sledding. This is when a sled is being pulled by dogs to travel over thick ice. During winter season, many tourists go to Canada to try and/or witness dog sledding adventures most especially it is part of the country’s year-round activities.

Skiing. A lighter sport and entertainment activity that is gaining popularity in Canada is skiing. Skiing is a popular leisure activity in Canada, and the country has many ski resorts not only for primary ski destinations but these places are likewise filled with restaurants, spas, shopping centres, hotel accommodations and other establishments. Ski is a popular activity between November and April. British Columbia is tagged as the best site to ski in Canada.

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Snowmobiling. Snowmobiles used to be a transporting service of French-Canadian families in Quebec during winter season. From their functional use over a century ago, snowmobiles of today are part of recreation vehicles. If one doesn’t like a speedy ride, then snow bowling is one perfect winter activity worthy to try!

Snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is a popular winter sport in Canada in which a person wears a specially designed footwear in walking through the snow without breaking it. Snowshoeing is a good recreational activity for kids and a good start for a winter family bonding.

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