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Who doesn’t recognize Ottawa? Ottawa is a well-known city and has been reaping positive reviews as a place of recreation and with great culture. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and claims the 4th largest city of the country.

Do you know that Ottawa was formerly called Bytown but was renamed by Queen Victoria in 1855?

5 Quick Inside Information about Ottawa

  • Ottawa is the 7th coldest city in the world.
  • Ottawa comes from a word adawe meaning “to trade”
  • The biggest snowfall in Ottawa was in 1970 which measured 444.1 centimeters.
  • The lowest temperature ever recorded in Ottawa was -36.1 C while the hottest day was 37.8 C.
  • Ottawa is the most educated city in Canada and ranks second highest in terms of quality of living of people in North America.

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Location. Ottawa is located on the south part of the Ottawa River. It is also situated in a dormant fault line which explains the occurrence of earthquakes in the city.

People. The current metro population in Ottawa is 1,236,324; estimatedly 25% of them were born outside of Canada. Ottawa is one of the cities with the youngest population in which majority of them are under the age of 35. 75% of residents of Ottawa are Christians.

Language. More than half of the people in Ottawa speak English and only a quarter of them speak French. Some other languages that are popular in Ottawa are Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Arabic.

Tourism. Ottawa is one of the most visited cities in Canada. It holds 35 major festivals every year which attract a total of 7.3 million visitors yearly. In addition to that, Ottawa has 14 National Museums.

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Environment. The cleanest cities in the world are found in Canada and Ottawa ranks the fourth, according to Forbes. The city was also rewarded as the best city in Canada to live in for the third consecutive year. Ottawa also boasts the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World heritage site. Rideau Canal is a preserved slackwater canal in North America.

Farming. Ottawa has more farmlands and agricultural lands than any other cities in Canada. The main region of Ottawa also has a greenbelt, a protective, underdeveloped land area in the city .

Climate. Ottawa has a humid continental climate. The city is also enjoying the four seasons. Summer tend to be humid and warm while snow and ice are common in the winter season.

Architecture. The architecture style of most structures in Ottawa is Romantic and Picturesque. Most domestic buildings are made from bricks and are mostly designed for single families.

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Transportation. The transportation system in Ottawa is mainly buses. In line with this, there is a door-to-door bus service made available for disabled persons. On the other hand, a light rail transit (LRT) is operating for a north-south route. The pedestrian pathways found in the city are made exclusively for bicycle use.

Education. Ottawa is one of the most educated cities in the world. Majority of the people in Ottawa have graduated from college or university. This perhaps explains why Ottawa has a great concentrate of engineers, scientists and doctors. The city has likewise a good standard of living and low unemployment rate.

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