How to Apply for Canada Permanent Residence Through Express Entry Program

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Once you have checked and found out that your skills are in demand under Canada’s Express Entry Program, and wish to proceed in your application, here are the next steps.

Fill out the form online

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Visit the CIC website and sign up for MyCIC account. You can submit your application online, pay your fees and check your application status with your MyCIC account.

Once you successfully log in, you will find a link to apply for permanent residence under Express Entry. You can fill out the forms and save the information so you can come back later for the information you don’t have immediately on hand.

Once you have filled out all required fields — complete and accurate, submit your application. Your Express Entry Invitation to Apply will be valid for 60 days.

A personalized Document Checklist, which lists down all supporting documents you need to upload online, will be generated for you once you have completed the application. It is important to know where to get these documents from. For example, for work experience and police certificates, the Document Checklist will show each employer and country where you need to get documents from. Combine all police certificates as one document so you can upload them all together at once.

Prepare required documents

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Upon receiving the Document Checklist outlining the documents needed to go along with your application, create electronic copies of your supporting documents using a scanner or camera.

Among the required documents to attach are:

  • your passport or travel document
  • your language test results
  • your valid written job offer from an employer in Canada, if you have one
  • your provincial nomination, if you have one
  • in some cases, proof that you have enough money to support yourself (and your family members in Canada, if any are coming with you)
  • any other documents on the Document Checklist, and
  • your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report, if you included the results in your Express Entry profile.

In the case of ECA, you need to furnish this requirement if:

  • you are being invited to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (it will tell you this on your invitation letter) and you were educated outside Canada, or
  • if you were awarded points for your foreign education (no matter which program you were invited to apply under).

Additional requirements:

  • Medical exams – not required until you get an Invitation to Apply. Once required, you and your family (even if they are not coming with you) must also have their medical exams. Permanent residence application will not be approved with the following conditions:
    • Your health poses as danger to Canada’s public health or safety.
    • Your health causes too much demand on Canada’s public health or social services.
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Note: Your exam results will only be valid for 12 months and the validity of the exam must be at least 6 months by the time you submit your application. It is a good idea to submit your application soon as you complete the exam. Once your application has been approved it is advised that you arrive in Canada within the 12-month medical exam result validity period. Otherwise, you may need to get another exam.

  • Police certificates – Part of the required documents for permanent residence application for you and other family members aged 18 and older are police certificates. If you have a criminal record or are believed to pose risk to Canada’s security, you may not be allowed to enter or stay in Canada.

Pay processing and other fees

You are required to pay the processing fee to apply for permanent residence. In your application, you need to pay for everyone who will come to Canada with you on your application. This can be done through a MyCIC account using a credit card.

If your application is incomplete, you will receive a notification and you will be refunded for the fee you paid.

The Right of Permanent Residence fee is $490 per person but there is no fee for dependent children. This will be paid once your application has been approved. Paying this upfront can help speed up the processing of your application. Otherwise, once your application is approved, your permanent residence documents will only be issued once you settle this fee.

This fee will be refunded if you withdraw your application or if you do not use your visa.

Other fees you may need to pay fees to respective agencies or authorities for the following:

  • language testing
  • Educational Credential Assessments
  • medical exam
  • police checks/clearances and certificates
  • translation of documents

Submit your complete application

Before submitting your applications, be sure you:

  • have filled out all mandatory form fields
  • paid your fees
  • included clear scans of all the supporting documents

Use the Document Checklist as a reference to ensure you submit all required documents. The system will not allow you to submit the application unless all required documents are included.

Wait for notification

Upon submission of your application, CIC will commence processing it and verify the truthfulness of all information you provided online and, later notify you if you are eligible to immigrate and allowed to enter Canada.

Once you are notified that you are eligible, you will be told what to do next.

Reference: CIC

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  1. A lot of people like to works in canada but the problem is the way that how to apply unlike in other country its to easy to arrange all documents and visa to work there lke for example in dubai we can do all documents in a matter of months or more just like that and the people wants to go there is easy to go there’s no too much paper you need to complete and to submit. In my experience working abroad only canada has a difficult to arrange all documents to get some visa to get jobs there even in online application to get employer just like entering to the hole of the niddle.

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