6 Disadvantages of Immigrating to Canada

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People immigrate for different reasons but mostly it is because they would want to start a new life in a new country.

However, immigrating to a new country is not everything that it is cut out to be. Like many countries immigrating to Canada has its own disadvantages so before buying a ticket for a one-way trip to Justin Bieber’s homeland, here are some disadvantages of immigrating to Canada.

Back to square one

Immigrating to a new country means that you have to start back at the very beginning. In Canada, there is only a 5% chance that you could continue on with your previous career that you left in your country of origin.

Globalnews.ca says that this could be because some employers actually prefer Canadian-born employees that sometimes employers even disregard the immigrant’s past working experience. Even if you do find a job, Canadian employers tend to prefer employees that have ‘Canadian experience. Some immigrants are clever (or lucky) and would be able to work in the same industry as what they were working for in their home country while some would have to go and take a Canadian education and training to get a job.

Being alone

Even though you tell yourself and the world that you are one tough cookie, being alone in a country that you are not born in without knowing anyone is a little bit depressing to some people. There is no one to spend holidays with because all the people that you spend your holidays with before are miles away. According to the survey, 80% of immigrants become lonely in the new country.


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Not everyone likes foreigners. Some find them annoying, loud, disrespectful, and any other negative adjective that they could give to a person who came from another country. Xenophobia is the fear and dislike of foreigners by the inhabitants of a certain country. We are not saying that everyone in Canada has this but it might exist in some parts of the country.

Financial struggles

Canada is a beautiful country. No one could deny that. However, if you are a working citizen of Canada, you probably won’t appreciate the view considering 29% of your taxes go to this in comparison to the normal 14%. At least you know it’s been spent wisely.

Cold weather

If your home country is hot and humid, Canada would probably be a big adjustment for you when it comes to the weather. Unlike some countries where you only have to wear winter clothes during the winter time, in Canada, a chill jacket is worn 7 months in a year, a spring jacket in 2 months and you would probably want to go to another country if you can’t take a -30C winter.

Communication Gap

Beyond the language itself, local expressions and experiences would be a challenge to any foreigner since they were not raised in the same environment as some of the locals.

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