I Want to Migrate to Canada, How Do I Start?

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The question “How do I start?” is just the tip of the iceberg of a whole lot of questions. Most often, people don’t know who or where to address this.

Here’s what most successful immigrants advice.

Google it.

Most of the offices in Canada have an online website that you could get answers from. If you really wanted someone to guide you through the whole process, there are several Immigration Consultancy Offices but they charge money for it.

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The best way to do this is to sit in front of the computer and search through the numerous sites available. Just input your questions on the search bar. Chances are, somebody already asked the internet your question and somebody already answered it in a thread or a post.

All open programs, visa types and questions leading to these will be on these sites. Try to find the best program fitted for you; find out what’s required and how long the process takes as well as the flow of the process. Stick mostly to Official Canada Government Immigration Sites, those are readily open in the internet, to avoid misinformation and get the latest news and updates.

Assess yourself

Once you know the requirements needed, you need to evaluate yourself if you can provide them and how long it will take as well as the cost of it. Some programs are offered for those with educational qualifications, a different one to those skilled workers, if you are planning to take you family with you, there is also a different program for that. Find the best fit for your situation and resources.

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This is also where you will need to work, apply and pay for your requirements. This process that takes the most of your time and this is where most people who wanted to migrate often chose not to.

Find out more
If you have set your mind to migrate and you are willing to spend time, effort and money on the process, you will need more research. Try to find what it is like in Canada so that you will know what to expect and what to prepare for. Always visit the Immigration website so that you will get updated on it, anything can change during processing. Most sites offer a free newsletter to be sent directly to your email.

Find out what’s in demand at Canada. Is your profession currently needed in Canada? Research the cost of living, weather conditions, schools and their costs (if you intend to bring your family with you), public transport or if you’re going to buy your own vehicle, how to get your license as well as recognition of your education, licenses and skills.

Read more about the experience of other success stories, they would most probably have the answers to your questions; you could also comment on their posts your questions and queries or even send them a private message. You could also meet new friends, those are important when you’re going to a new place where you don’t know anybody yet.

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