Saskatchewan Benefits: 7 Advantages of Living in the Province

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If you are looking to find a place for settling permanently in Canada, Saskatchewan Province is one of the best options.

All of the common requirements for an average family to live happily and stay within a moderate budget range are available here. Let’s take a quick look at the advantages of living in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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Looking for accommodation is flexible

Until you find a place that you perhaps want to buy, you can find a place to rent here easier than you could in other similar cities in Canada. The most common options are apartments, townhouses, single-family homes, condominiums, and individual rooms with a kitchen and bathroom. Rental companies are run by individuals, but most of them maintain their ethics, so you can be sure of standard rates and other common facilities.

Average house price is more affordable than other cities

Saskatchewan’s average house price has always been on the lower end of the scale compared to other provinces. Despite the recent uptick in activity in the market that resulted in higher property prices, the average house price in the province is still relatively affordable.

For example, the average house price in Regina is $344,000 after a pandemic pause that depressed the property market. Yet, it’s still lower than Calgary’s $476,000, Edmonton’s $424,000 or $1,019,000 in Mississauga. From a wider perspective, the average house price in Canada is $716,000.

Average Home Prices Across Canada

Rank City Average House Price (Canadian Dollars)
1 Toronto, Ontario 921,000
2 Vancouver, British Columbia 878,242
3 Victoria, British Columbia 763,517
4 Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, Ontario 583,144
5 Calgary, Alberta 570,084
6 Hamilton, Ontario 535,520
7 Oshawa, Ontario 480,700
8 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 385,580
9 Edmonton, Alberta 378,247
10 Ottawa, Ontario 373,200
11 Montreal, Quebec 349,000
12 London, Ontario 344,815
13 Kingston, Ontario 327,507
14 St. Catharines-Niagara, Ontario 323,179
15 Regina, Saskatchewan 316,990
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If you are not prepared to buy a house, the rental market is also affordable and easy to find even in larger cities.

The cost of living is more affordable than in other Canadian cities

Although amenities-wise, everything is top grade, the overall cost of living in Saskatchewan is moderately low.

  • Education cost is lower than other states: kindergarten to class 12 standard education is free, and after that, the quality of education colleges provide is worth every penny.
  • Health care facilities are quite beneficial for SK residents: the government provides hospital, medical, and drug insurance plans for residents.
  • Public transportation cost is moderate, completely affordable and safe.
  • Tax benefits: Saskatchewan’s tax-charge structure is one of the lowest in Canada, and the personal sales tax, amounting to 5%, is the bottommost between the nine provinces that charge sales tax. More on tax information is shown below.

In addition to this, Saskatchewan’s latest active family benefits program offers a $150 refundable tax credit per year for each child involved in a sport. The government uses tax money to provide quality services such as law enforcement, fire protection, education, road maintenance, immigration assistance, and health care.

Tax rates are lower than in many other places

Canada’s high tax rate is not new. In fact, it’s already considered part of the equation when considering the cost of living in the country — sales tax, income tax, property tax, you name it. It’s just that there are places like Saskatchewan that taxes are not as high as other provinces. For example, Saskatchewan has one of the lowest marginal tax rates in the country for 2021.

2021 Top Marginal Tax Rates by Province/Territory
  Top Rate Avg Rate
Other Income
Province/Territory Other
Nova Scotia 54.00% 41.58% 48.28% 29.0%
Ontario 53.53% 39.34% 47.74% 24.2%
British Columbia 53.50% 36.54% 48.89% 22.4%
Quebec 53.31% 40.10% 48.02% 30.3%
New Brunswick 53.30% 33.51% 47.75% 27.5%
Prince Edward Island 51.37% 34.22% 46.21% 28.4%
Newfoundland & Labrador 51.30% 42.61% 44.59% 27.6%
Manitoba 50.40% 37.78% 46.67% 28.1%
Alberta 48.00% 34.31% 42.31% 23.9%
Saskatchewan 47.50% 29.64% 42.29% 25.7%
Yukon 48.00% 28.93% 42.17% 22.7%
Northwest Territories 47.05% 28.33% 36.82% 21.8%
Nunavut 44.50% 33.08% 37.79% 19.4%

The great outdoors provide vast employment opportunities

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Saskatchewan possesses one of the highest rates of employment of all of the cities in Canada. Here, the community is rapidly growing; hence, there are job vacancies in various employment sectors in the province. There are almost 100,000 freshwater lakes, widespread prairies, stimulating badlands as well as lush, green forests.

Starting from city centers to small townships, people in Saskatchewan are, on average, friendly. Although the quality of life is quite high, the cost of living is surprisingly low. That makes Saskatchewan a wonderful place to live and nurture a family.

Statistic: Unemployment rate in Canada in 2018, by province | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Saskatchewan has a rich scientific and cultural history

From a cultural and scientific perspective, Saskatchewan has a rich offering of historical stories to tell. It has been called home to many indigenous groups for thousands of years up to the present. There are landmarks, heritage sites, and cultural attractions that remind you of how the land has been cultivated and cared for by early settlers, offering great learning opportunities and appreciation.

The largest T-Rex to ever be discovered was found along the Frenchman River, and the recovered bones can be seen on display at the T.rex Discovery Center Museum which is located in Eastend. A collection of dinosaur bones and fossils can also be found in the museum.

It has plenty of natural spaces to explore

Saskatchewan is blessed with a vast space, and a lot of this space has been deliberately left on its own as to how nature intended it to be. It is a land that offers the beauty of nature that takes various forms such as mountain ranges, rolling hills, national parks, sand dunes, cascading prairies, and more than one hundred thousand lakes, rivers, and reservoirs.

Saskatchewan benefits: vast outdoor space
Image by Peacenik from Pixabay

The nature that is on display in so many parts of the province is breathtaking it evokes a sense of calm and awe.

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