7 Things You Need to Know About Canadian Express Entry

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Express Entry is not a new program to but a new system

Express Entry manages existing Canadian immigration programs such as Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trade (FST) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). This means that before one enters the Express Entry system, an applicant must be eligible in one of the existing programs mentioned.

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Express Entry eligibility brings a step closer to permanent residency

Once a candidate is deemed eligible to enter the Express Entry, he or she could be granted a permanent residence to Canada. This is determined by the applicant’s ranking within the pool of other candidates within Express Entry.

Based on the Comprehensive Ranking System, the candidate’s chances depend on the points he or she accumulates based on submitted documents relating to occupation, age, language proficiency, among others.

Being eligible to Express Entry means satisfying several requirements

The top requirements to satisfy qualification to Express Entry are:

  • Plan to live outside Quebec, which selects its own set of skilled workers. If you plan to live in Quebec, please check the Quebec-specific list of skilled trades.
  • Meet the required English or French language ability (speaking, reading, writing and listening)
  • Have full-time work experience of two years or more or an equivalent amount of time for part-time jobs in a skilled trade within five years before application.
  • Meet the job requirements for skilled trade as defined by the National Occupational Classification, except those that require a certificate of qualification
  • Have an offer of full-time employment for a total period of at least one year.

Express Entry applications proceed in two stages

  1. The candidate will need to submit an online application as a way to “express an interest in being considered for permanent residence.” Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will then rank the candidate against other candidates based on core human factors such as grade received in the language examination in English and/or French, education, work experience, age, whether there is a valid job offer.A candidate can get up to maximum points, and extra points will be given based on the adaptability of a candidate to settle in Canada or if he or she has a valid job offer, nominated by a province or selected by an employer to work in Canada.
  2. IRCC will conduct a monthly draw and select the highest-ranking candidates to be invited to apply for permanent residence. Selected candidates will be required to submit supporting documentation to be granted permanent residence status.

Those invited to apply for PR get approvals within 6 months

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IRCC pledged that all candidates who submitted complete applications after the being invited to apply will have to at most six months before their permanent residence status is granted.

Candidates can submit their applications on their own

Applicants can file apply without help from immigration agents. However, it must be noted that it helps to have a generous amount of knowledge of Canadian immigration system laws and that information submitted must be as accurate as possible. If applicants have enough time, patience and ability to submit accurate applications, they do not need the services of agents or representatives.

Candidates can seek help from authorized professionals

Since understanding the Express Entry system may take time, candidates who don’t have the luxury of researching the eligibility and qualifications may seek professional help from licensed immigration professionals. If a candidate needs help in applying, he or she can appoint someone authorized by IRCC.


Express Entry is a straightforward system that allows the consolidation of applications across various Canadian immigration programs. Information and resources for applicants are available online. This helps in determining eligibility and corresponding requirements suitable for every applicant.

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Armed with this information, interested candidates may lodge their application by themselves. However, it is also possible for someone authorized by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to apply a candidate’s or his/her family’s behalf.

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