Living in Vancouver: A Guide for Immigrants and Visitors

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Living in Vancouver is a popular option new immigrants consider when they settle in Canada.

Named after a British naval officer (Captain George Vancouver), Vancouver is a multicultural nation and a city with great values on outdoor activities. This article provides an overview of things you ought to know before living in Vancouver, Canada.

Despite its popularity and significance, Vancouver is not as populated as Toronto, Calgary, or even Winnipeg.

Weather and Climate

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The weather in Vancouver is mostly warm and sunny although the city relatively experiences cold climate. However, the winter season in Vancouver is considered the warmest of most cities in Canada due to the Rocky Mountain that blocks the cold winter air current from the Pacific Ocean. Snow falls in the city 11 days annually, on average.


Vancouver is housed with wide-ranging ethnic groups and cultures. Unknowingly, Vancouver is actually an English-speaking country. However, 50% of its overall population doesn’t use English as their first language. Vancouver is also named as one of the best cities in the world ranking 3rd the most livable city. On top of that, the city was acknowledged by Forbes as the 10th around the globe.

Community Problems

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Like any other city, Vancouver has been battling against a number of community problems. At present, Vancouver’s main concern is gang violence. Crime rates in the city are actually higher compared with some other Canadian cities specifically in terms of firearms and burglary control.

But due to government efforts, recent police reports confirmed that murder rates in Vancouver have decreased over the years.

Business and Commerce

Having one of the prosperous economies, Vancouver is a big commercial center and a major industrial hub in Canada. Because the city is located near the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver has one of the busiest ports in the world. It has actually the largest port in Canada processing cargo worth of $200 million daily and generates thousands of job opportunities. Vancouver is slightly affected by the global recession as evidenced by a growing number of jobless people in the city, but the unemployment rate is much lower compared to any other cities in Canada.

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The film industry in Vancouver is in full bloom. Vancouver is considered as the secondary largest producer of television shows in North America. For this reason, Vancouver is sometimes called Hollywood North. The scenic locations and places featured in the shows were believed to have added the booming of the tourism industry of the city. Experts projected Vancouver’s economic growth rise by 3% up to 2016.


Vancouver is an expensive place to stay and live in. It has the most high-priced housing market. Accommodation in Canada may be in the form of co-op houses, granny flats, secondary suites, high-rise condominiums.


Vancouver is a beautiful place and the government preserves the city’s pristine creations by promoting strong environmental policy. In the aim to reduce the pollution problem, the government advocates the use of bicycles as the primary mode of transportation. Know the cost of living in Canada here.

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