Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Saskatchewan is a province in Canada located on the east of Alberta, west of Manitoba, south of the Northwest Territories, and north of Minnesota and Dakota, which are American states.

The form of government in Saskatchewan is a constitutional monarchy and their current lieutenant governor is Vaughn Solomon Schofield. And recently, the government of Saskatchewan has proclaimed that the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, or SINP, will be refurbished and updated in the coming year, 2014, as an effect of the immigration stakeholders’ feedback.

The modifications in the program will be effective starting January 2nd of writing, there are nine immigration categories under the immigration nominee program. In the upcoming modifications, these subcategories will be combined and three overarching categories will be developed.

1. International Skilled Worker Category. This is for employees who want to live and work in Saskatchewan. Nomination will be given to applicants who can successfully showcase their genuine qualifications such as having the needed experience, language, education, and ability to adapt and survive in the province. Below are the criteria for this program:

  • Point system on education, work experiences, job offers, language, family connections, and some other factors. Family connection point has been increased to 20% of total points;
  • Canadian Level Benchmark 4 or higher for language skills. This should be proven by the submission of scores from SINP-approved language
  • examinations;
  • Applicant with regulated professional work experience (nurse or engineer) should have provincial certification; and
  • Applicant without any skilled job offer should submit a settlement plan and a proof of their settlement funds.
  • A total of 250 applications will be accepted from those who do not have a job offer in the province. Their job will be based on a selected list of occupations.

2. Saskatchewan Experience Category. Individuals who are already living and working in Saskatchewan are the primary targets of this category. It has five subcategories:

  • Health Professionals
  • Existing Work Permit
  • Long Haul Truck Drivers
  • Hospitality Sector Pilot Project
  • Students

No changes were made in the first four subcategories; however, the following are the changes in Students subcategory:

  • One general Students subcategory for Post Graduation Work Permit as well as the
  • Those who graduated from Saskatchewan schools should have a job offer in the Master’s and PhD Graduate subcategories; province which is related to their education, or a job offer that needs post-secondary education. The person should have proven 6 months work experience in the province before applying; and
  • Graduates from outside the province should have a skilled job offer relative to their education and have a work experience of two years in the province.

3. Entrepreneur and Farm. This is made up by the subcategories below which are already in the current SINP.

  • Entrepreneur
  • Farm Owners/Operators
  • Young Farmers