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Advantages and Disadvantages of Working in Saudi Arabia

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Like any other country, working in Saudi Arabia has its share of advantages and disadvantages. While we often hear stories of employer abuse, escaping domestic workers and scorching temperatures that don’t seem appealing to workers, let’s look deeper beyond these and understand better what Saudi Arabia has to offer.


1. Sense of Accomplishment
Applying and working abroad is not an easy task – as some of the people may have already known. If one surpassed through the application process, complying with the requirements and everything that goes with it is already an achievement that boosts your self-esteem and lead people to believe that you are somehow living the life.

2. Economic and Financial Benefits
Saudi Arabia’s wage protocols is quite famous to Foreign workers especially to Filipinos because the salary is tax-free and there are a lot of other benefits as well, for instance; holidays are paid, employees get housing and transportation allowance, and sometimes, other companies even pay for your plane ticket home or wherever you desire to go once a year. Take note that is a round-trip airfare.

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3. Work Experience
Since Saudi Arabia offers different kinds of work, the skills that will be acquired from working in this country are already a huge edge to the resume.

4. Exposure
Exposure is an ambiguous word so let’s try to specify. You could be exposed to anything when you’re there, both good and bad occurrences. But the best part to get exposed at is their culture and traditions. It can really be rewarding because it is challenging to be in a place where people and the language are different.


1.Unfinished Contract
In every institution, contracts should be strictly followed but in Saudi Arabia, it is severely executed, that certain sanctions are applied to those workers who did not finish their contract.

Photo credit: www.askpins.com
Photo credit: www.askpins.com
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2.Culture Shock
Generally, when someone is new to a certain nation, especially to countries with inexplicably rich culture like Saudi Arabia, people sometimes get overwhelmed by the norms that this country has in which they somehow become apprehensive.

Usually, this happens in terms of wages and other social security benefits.
A certain example of this is that very few foreigners from the third world countries hold executive positions in institutions and other companies.
And more often than not, the jobs that are available to these foreigners are the low-paying jobs. Life in Saudi is different and often demanding, but if you have an open mind and are flexible to other cultures and their requirements, many people live and work in the kingdom for many years, traveling all over the world and banking large sums of tax-free income.

The distress or impairment caused by an actual or anticipated separation from home. Its cognitive hallmark is preoccupying thoughts of home and attachment objects. As routines are replaced with new social and work pressures in your new environment, and home by a dormitory or apartment full of strangers, homesickness — the longing ache for the familiar, family or grandma’s cooking — sets in. Homesickness is nothing new. This really is inevitable especially to everyone who seek livelihood or pursue greener pastures overseas.

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