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14 Saudi Labor Laws on Employee Vacations, Public Holidays

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Employees working in Saudi Arabia are entitled to certain privileges regarding vacations from work and public holidays.

Annual leave

  • An employee shall be entitled to an annual leave of not less than 21 days, to be increased to a duration of not less than 30 days if the employee spends five consecutive years in the service of the employer, such annual leave shall be paid in advance.
  • An employee shall be entitled to a wage for the accrued days of the leave if he leaves the work without using such consent. This applies to the period of work for which he has not used as leave. The employee is also entitled to leave pay for the parts of the year in proportion to the role he spent at work.

Holidays and holiday leaves

  • Each employee shall be entitled to the Eid al-Fitr leave period of 4 days starting from the day following the 29th day of the month of Ramadan according to the Umm Al-Qura calendar.
  • Each employee shall be entitled to Eid al-Adha leave four days starting from day stand Arafat.
  • Each employee shall be entitled National Day leave of the Kingdom on the first day of Libra, and if encountered this day the weekend day, the employee compensates by the preceded day or the next.

Personal Leaves

  • Further to all leaves entitled by female employees as provided in the Labor Law, all employees have a right to leave with full pay under the following:
    • Five days in the case of the death of a spouse;
    • Five days upon getting married;
    • Three days when receiving a child.
  • The employer may request any supportive documents for all the leaves mentioned above.

Leave for study

  • An employee shall, upon the approval of the employer to enroll in an educational institute or to continue within such institution, have the right to a fully paid leave to sit for an examination of an unrepeated year, the leave duration shall be based on the days of the actual exam. However, if the test is for a repeated year, the employee shall have a right to unpaid leave for a duration of the actual examination days. The employee shall, without prejudice to disciplinary action, be denied such pay if it is proven that the employee did not sit for the exam.
  • If the employee did not have the approval of the employer to enroll in the education institute, the employee might take leave for the duration of the actual exam days. This is calculated from the employee’s days of annual leave if available, and if unavailable, then the employee may take unpaid leave for the actual days of vacation.
  • The employee should apply for such leave no less than fifteen days from its occurrence.
  • The employer may ask the employee to present supportive documents alongside the application for the exam leave, as well as documents supporting that the employee undertook such examination.

Sick leave

  • An employee whose illness has been proven shall be eligible for a paid sick leave for the first (30) days, three-quarters of the wage for the next (60) days, and without pay for the following thirty days, during a single year.
  • An injured employee, if temporarily unable to work due to a work injury, has the right to a financial aid equal to the employee’s full wage for a period of sixty days, after such period the employee is entitled to a financial assistance equivalent to (75%) of the total salary for the remainder of the recovery period.
  • If the recovery period reaches a year, or it has been decided medically that the employee’s recovery is unlikely to recover or be fit for work, the injury will be considered a full impairment. The work contract will be terminated, and the employee will be compensated for the damage. The employer shall not have the right to recover the amounts paid to the employee during such year.
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