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Top UK Cities with Large Filipino Population

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You can find Filipinos virtually everywhere in the world. The United Kingdom is no exception. Providing opportunities for skilled migrants such as healthcare workers and IT professionals and establishing a stable government that offers opportunities, the UK ticks the boxes where Filipinos want to go.

There is no clear consensus on the top 9 cities in the UK with the highest Filipino population, as the numbers can change over time and depend on the data source.

UK Cities with the large Filipino populations

According to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in 2021, some of the cities with the highest Filipino population are:


The Filipino population is around 228,000, around 4% of the city’s population. Filipinos are one of the largest ethnic minority groups in London, and they have significantly contributed to the city in various ways.

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Filipinos are attracted to London mainly to career opportunities and available jobs for their skill sets. Also, many Filipinos have family members living in London, which makes it an attractive destination for those seeking to reunite with loved ones.


The Filipino population is around 30,000, around 2% of the city’s population. Filipinos in Manchester hold a wide range of jobs and careers, just like the rest of the population in the city.


Many Filipinos in Manchester work in the healthcare sector, particularly as nurses, care workers, and support staff. Others are employed in the professional sector, such as finance, technology, and education. In the service industry, such as hospitality and retail, they work as waiters, cleaners, and customer service staff.


The Filipino population is around 25,000, making up around 1% of the city’s population.


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Around 20,000 Filipinos live in the city, about 1% of the population.


The Filipino population is around 15,000, making up around 1% of the city’s population.


Approximately 12,000 Filipinos reside in the city, constituting around 1% of the population.


Filipinos make up approximately 1% of the city’s population, at around 11,000 individuals.


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The Filipino population is around 10,000, making up around 1% of the city’s population.


About 1% of the city’s population are Filipinos, who make up around 10,000 people.

Why the UK is a popular destination for Filipino migrants

Filipinos have a fondness for the United Kingdom for several reasons, including:

The UK’s cultural influence: The Philippines was a former colony of Spain, but British culture and traditions have had a lasting impact on the country, particularly in language, education, and governance.

Home to top educational institutions: The UK is home to some of the world’s top universities, and many Filipinos aspire to study there.

Shared History between the UK and the Philippines: The Philippines and the UK have a shared history, dating back to the British occupation of Manila in the late 1700s. This history has left a lasting impression on both countries.

Stable economy: The UK has a strong economy, and Filipinos see it as a desirable destination for work and business opportunities.

UK as a tourist destination: The UK is popular for its rich history, stunning architecture, and diverse culture. London Bridge, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace are popular places tourists visit.

Notable Filipino contribution to the United Kingdom

Both immigrant Filipinos and overseas Filipino workers have made many valuable contributions to the United Kingdom in various ways.

  1. Healthcare: Many Filipinos work in the UK’s healthcare sector, and their contributions to the NHS and other healthcare organizations have been invaluable. They provide care and support to patients, and their dedication and expertise have been critical to delivering quality healthcare services.
  2. Economic Growth: Filipinos have made a significant contribution to the UK’s economy through their work in a variety of industries and their entrepreneurial spirit. They have helped to create jobs, boost local economies, and support economic growth in the UK.
  3. Cultural Diversity: Filipinos have brought a rich cultural heritage to the UK and have helped to make the country more diverse and inclusive. They have participated in religious services and cultural festivals, created art and literature, and performed in music and dance groups, which have helped enrich the UK’s cultural fabric.
  4. Education: Many Filipinos have pursued an education in the UK and have gone on to make valuable contributions to the education sector as teachers, lecturers, and researchers. They have helped to increase the pool of skilled professionals in the country, and their research and teaching have helped drive innovation and progress in various fields.

Note: *

These figures are estimates from 2021 and may not reflect the current situation. Additionally, other cities in the UK with a significant Filipino population may not be included in this list.

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