Can Filipino Tourists in UK Stay and Apply for Work?

Can Filipinos who come to the UK using a tourist visa apply for work? If ever an employer offers a Filipino tourist a job, can he accept it? Can he stay and work then? Can he apply for a British work permit?

No, a Filipino tourist cannot work in UK using a tourist visa. In addition, all tourists on a tourist visa is not allowed to change the visa type they used to enter the UK inside UK. The change must be done outside the country. After the expiration of the visa, then tourist must go outside the country and apply for a different type of visa.

Even if there is an employer or a job offered, tourist must not accept the offer and work as a domestic helper. This is illegal and could cause big trouble for parties involved. Penalties may include blacklisting from UK, deportation and fines as well as jail time and others.

Application for a British work permit must be done outside of UK. The application must also be after the expiration of the current visa used.

As of 2012, immigration rules for domestic helpers are also amended and changed. Domestic helpers are also not allowed to work for employers that are permanent residents of UK and cannot stay on the country for more than 6 months. If ever the employer is an EEA national, the residence of the employer must not be in UK and employer must not have an intention to stay for more than 6 months. However if the employer is a foreign national, employer must be staying in the UK as a tourist.


Domestic workers who have traveled to the UK with their employer or any relative of their employer must not stay in UK for more than 6 months or must exit UK with their employer or companion. They must also be able to provide proof that they are working for their employer from another country. This can be done by using pay slips, contracts or any document or visa. They must also show that they are receiving an amount amounting to or more than the designated national minimum wage as set by the UK laws and must be able to provide proof that their employer will take responsibility for them and their food and shelter at the time they are in UK.

There are exceptions to these rules, but they are very few and far in between and only at the discretion of the UK government and UK Immigration office.