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How to Apply for UK Student Visa

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Top notch universities all over the world accommodate exchange programs that are open to all college students that want to apply and one of them is the United Kingdom. In applying to study abroad, the student has to have a student visa. A student visa is the certification that you are authorized to enter the UK to study in a limited amount of time.

To qualify for a student visa, the student has to be accepted in a course to a school that is recognized by the UK’s Department of Education and Skills. In applying for a student visa, the applicant should be able to give details in any of the following:

  • The admission to a recognized full-time school of the Department of Education and Skills
  • The weekly-run course with a minimum of fifteen hours for daytime study per week
  • A full-time course in an independent fee-paying school

The applicant would also be asked about how you are going to support yourself while studying in the UK and the dependants. They would also have to give a guarantee that they would not stay longer than the indicated time than what their visa allows.


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During application, the applicant must secure a visa application form or VAF1-on-settlement that is downloadable in Home Office Border Agency website or to a British diplomatic mission in your home country. The applicant can only get an application to the country that they are legally residing. They can send their application in via postal mail, courier, in person or online. Medical check-ups should also be done to check if the applicant is positive of any diseases such as tuberculosis.

The applicant should also prepare the following documents in applying for a student visa:

  • Filled-out VAF1 form
  • Passport or other travel documents
  • Most recent passport picture
  • Payment for the visa
  • Certification or diploma of the applicant’s educational attainment
  • Acceptance letter from the University in the UK the applicant chose with the statement of tuition and other student fees of the chosen course
  • Financial statement that shows that the applicant could support and is willing to shoulder their stay in the UK or;
  • Proof of sponsorship of the university

It is also possible to work during your stay in the UK providing that you only work part-time or during the holiday considering that the visa does not allow the applicant to work as a full-time employee. There are only two restrictions that are forced upon while being on a student visa first is to engage in self-employment, business, or professional services and to work exceeding to 20 hours except if the work is part of the course that the student is currently undertaking.

If the visa is only good for six months, the student has to ask permission to the Entry Clearance Officer of the British diplomatic mission to their home country to allow them to work while in the UK.

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