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Pros and Cons of Living in London

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Many people are contemplating moving to London to raise their family, find the perfect job or simply enjoy the picturesque surroundings. There are a few things to consider first such as the living conditions, cost of living, weather, people, etc. Compare it with other big cities around the world to determine the best place to live in.



1. The people. London is a melting pot of races so you will most likely meet people from all over the world. Many individuals find teachers from other countries or marry someone with a different nationality. You will enjoy learning about the backgrounds and culture of different individuals in the office or neighborhood. You can also learn various dialects and foreign languages by interacting with the people in London. Eventually, many develop the unique British accent.

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2. The location. London, England is at the center of several European countries so you can conveniently travel from one point to another. You will also find it very easy to secure the necessary visas to enter other nearby nations like Switzerland. There are airports, bus terminals and train stations around the city so you can move from one point to another without any problem. There are also direct flights to other big capitals around the globe from London.

3. The city. There are so many things to enjoy about London whether you’re touring during the day or night. There are markets that sell fresh fruits, flowers and other products. The pubs and clubs come to life in the evening. There are also beautiful parks and famous landmarks. You can learn a lot about British history by visiting a number of museums and looking at the architectural wonders in the city.

The Cons

1. Weather. The weather can change drastically in London. On some days, you can experience three or four different weather conditions. It also tends to rain often so people usually bring an umbrella or coat even with the sun out just to be prepared. The temperature can also drop close to zero on some days so people moving from tropical countries might find it difficult to adjust.

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2. High cost of living. Living in London does not come cheap. Apartment rentals are high and dining out can be very expensive. Many individuals start out by sharing a flat with five or more other individuals. Riding a train or cab can also be expensive.

Overall, London is one of the greatest cities in the world. Learn about the best ways to cut costs and find work opportunities to afford the basic necessities then work your way from there.

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