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How to Avail of Housing Benefits in UK

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One of the best government services offered in United Kingdom, specifically in London is the housing benefits program. One of the problems of people regarding the program is the misconceptions and biases that follow it, making the potential applicants wary and, at times, too scared and intimidated to apply for it even when said misconceptions are not true.

Here are some of the common and frequently asked questions about the housing benefits program and their answers

1.Who can apply and receive the housing benefits?
In order to apply, you must be a normal resident of the country and entitled to public fund. You could find the status on your visa or biometric residence permit where it states if you are eligible to use public funds.

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The program is made to cater both those employed and unemployed despite of the common misconception that it is only offered to those who don’t have jobs and are dependent on the government to support them.

If you are employed, your annual income must not be more than 16 000 per family. If your average annual income is more than the specified amount, the government will conclude that your state of living is stable and that you don’t need any social help from them.

You are also not allowed to claim or apply for the housing benefits if you are living with a close relative like your parents or your siblings. Students currently in school and studying full-time are also not allowed to apply.
For your application to be approved, you must show to the government your liability to pay rent every week or every month as stated in your contract for housing property.

2.How much do you pay every month?
The amount will actually be based on your given income statement and your personal circumstances to be presented to the government office of Housing Benefits for discussion. If your situation does not allow you to pay the full amount of rent, you should inform the office of Housing Benefits so that they may give advice or formulate another solution to your problem. The Housing benefits allows persons in certain circumstances to pay half or full rent depending on the situation. However, you must remember that the housing benefits only help with the rent. Other utilities such as heating, water and groceries are not in the scope of the program and will still be charged to your name.

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3.What are the requirements needed to apply?
You must provide your proof of identity such as passport or biometric residence permit, an original copy of your pay slip from your job, a copy of your lease contract, your national insurance number and proof of income.
For more information, you can visit the website of the UK government and follow the links or type in the search bar the housing benefits program. You can also visit the office during office hours.

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