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Eligibility Requirements When Applying for British Citizenship

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There are two ways to become a British Citizen. You can register yourself as one or you can become naturalized.

To be eligible to register as a British Citizen you must be a citizen of another British nationality, or born before January 1, 1983 to a British mother or father regardless if married to spouse or not, or born in the UK before January 1, 1983 regardless of parent’s nationality, or if you are stateless or under 18 years of age.

You can apply for citizenship if you meet the following requirements. You must be 18 years old or older, have good character, you have met the residency requirement and will continue to reside in the UK, and you must have English Knowledge and have passed the Life in UK test.

If you have a British spouse, you can apply for citizenship if you are 18 years of age or older, have sound mind and can make your own decisions, have good character, passed the Life in the UK test, have met the residency requirement and have indefinite stay.

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Your spouse or partner must also live in the UK for the past 3 years or so, has not broken immigration laws of the UK, spent no more than 270 days out of UK for those 3 years and spent no more than 90 days out of UK for the past year.

If you have met the requirements above, you are eligible to apply for British Citizenship.

There are three ways to apply. You could submit and individual application, apply using Nationality Checking Services or hire an agent or representative to do it for you.

For the individual application, the application form as well as a guidance booklet and requirements booklet is available for download on the UK government’s official site. This will help guide you through every step from filling out the form and fulfilling its requirements to the fees you need to pay for and where to send you forms and pay for them.

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The Nationality Checking Services is provided by the local authorities. They will accept and forward you application to UK visas and Immigration and is available by appointment only. They will also go over you form to ensure there are no mistakes and that it is valid and your requirements are just. They will provide detail of the costs and appointment dates.

Hiring a private agent or representative will cost more but will make it easier for you to register. They will do all the work for you. The government also has a list of registered agents and representative in the Office of the Immigration Services Commission.

You are also required to submit your biometrics information, that is your fingerprints and picture which will cost £19.20.

The total cost of naturalization for adults is £1005 and the registration for adults is £913. The ceremony fee is £80.

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You may send you documents to this address:

Department 1
The Capital
New Hall Place
L3 9PP 

Or if you are applying from other countries:

Department 1
UK Visas and Immigration
PO BOX 306
L2 0QN 

If you are residing in Channel Islands or Isle of Man you may send it to the Lieutenant Governor and if you are residing in British Overseas territories, you may send it to the Governor of territory.

After you’ve applied, you will get a confirmation letter. This may take up to 4 weeks to 6 months of waiting.

Depending on the situation, you may be asked to send more information or attend an interview without an interpreter. Any changes in your life must be sent to the UK Visas and Immigration.

After getting your confirmation letter, you will be invited to your Citizenship Ceremonies where you are allowed to take 2 guests with you. You must take you invitation when you come to this.

During the ceremony, you will be making an oath (or an affirmation, if you prefer) to respect the rights, freedom and laws of UK. You will then be presented you Citizenship certificates and have you pictures taken.

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