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7 British Citizenship Test Tips From Life in the UK Passers

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If you want to settle in the UK or applying for a British citizenship, you will need to pass the Life in the UK test, 24 multiple choice questions chosen at random by a computer to be answered in 45 minutes or less. To pass the test, you need to answer 18 out of the 24 questions with topics ranging from local customs and traditions to laws and the British government.

These seven tips are from Life in the UK passers surveyed and interviewed for advice to pass the exam. Too many times have we gone mental blocked when doing exams, mostly due to unnecessary fear and anxiety. But if we keep a clear head, we can go pass those before-exam jitters.

1.Each candidate is given a unique set of questions.

Questions for you exam will be generated from a database containing hundreds of questions. The computer assigned to you will randomly select the 24 questions in you exam, making the odds of you and the person sitting next to you on both sides having the same questions will be slim to none. This is utilized to protect the integrity of the exam and minimize act of cheating.

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2.Invest in the study guides and practice tests.

The study guides and its companion the practice tests are available in Amazon with prices ranging from 6 to 10 pounds. There is also a free edition offered, though its contents are considerably less than that of the official guides.

life in the uk

These are two essential tools that can help you pass the exam. The contents of the two books differ, that’s why it is recommended you get both to gain confidence to take the test. The study guide contains official study materials based on the government’s official textbook and the practice tests are just to show you how the exam is done. You must understood all the topics in the study guide cover to cover because the exam questions are broad in topic, ranging from dates, to people’s names to government laws. Try to answer all the practice tests to increase chances of passing.

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3.The practice tests have a degree of difficulty higher than the actual test.

Practice questions are developed to help exam takers become better equipped to handle the real test. The results of your practice tests often show relationship to the results you will have in the actual exam questions. It is advised you take it seriously. Good practice test scores often lead to confidence in the exam and then good test results.

4.You might need to brush up your English vocabulary

Be prepared for some terms and names that aren’t common. Some questions would require a deeper understanding of the English language. Study materials have the glossary for a reason, refer to the dictionary for words that you don’t understand and try to brush up on your historical terms. If you are not confident on reading English, try taking English classes, remember, the exam is only available on English, if you are not confident enough in your knowledge of this, there is high probability that you will fail.

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5.You can spend 1.875 minutes per test question

Spend time wisely, with 24 questions and 45 minutes you can spend almost two minutes each question. If you know the answer already without using up the 2 minutes allotted and you are sure of the answer then proceed to the next question. If you encounter a difficult question, analyze it thoroughly, you might remember reading it in the book or answering it in the practice test, you just need to focus and analyze. Remember that the study guides and practice tests do not supply the actual questions, just a guide of what might come out in the exam. Most of the questions are phrased or structured differently from the book. Analyze and understand what the question entails and find the correct answer from the choices. All potential topics are found in the study guide and the practice tests. Do not rush yourself and make the most of your given time.

6.There might be more than one correct answer

This is where you have the option to answer “all of the above” – provided the above options are all correct in reference to the given question. The test given is a modified multiple choice type wherein you need to select all answers that apply to the question given.

7.The passing rate is 75%

It would be the best if you could give the correct answer for all 24 questions but remember you only need a score of 18 to pass the exam. Do not panic if you can’t answer one question, if you are confident in the rest of your answers you will still pass the exam. Given the broadness of topics, very few can get a perfect score.

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