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9 Things to Remember When Applying for UK Visa

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There are small things UK visa applicants need to remember. No matter how simple they are, keeping them in mind can save time, effort and frustration that can bug an applicant for ignoring them.

Fill out all required fields

Forms can be cumbersome to fill out and difficult to understand. But in the end, they need to be filled out to provide enough merit whether your application should be honored and allow you to obtain a visa.

Understandably, it’s better to leave space blank if you are unsure of what to fill out. But failure to do so on required items can render your application invalid for providing incomplete information. So instead of deliberately leaving required items blank, ask a relevant immigration lawyer or consultant or research the official visas and immigration page of the UK government for clarity.

Use prescribed ink color

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While this is pretty obvious — even classroom teachers frown at seeing exam papers answered in red ink — use of the generally accepted black or blue ink pens is a must. There are reported applications filled out in red ink or pencil getting outright rejected.

Write inside the box

Forms with characters specifically required to be inside boxes have been in place for clarity and encourage the use of legible letters for easier recognition. Failure to do so can only increase the number of opportunities for UK Visas and Immigration to refuse you a visa.

Submit all required pages

Required pages in document forms need to be submitted as they will be used as the basis for evaluating your eligibility for a UK visa. Sometimes it is tempting not to submit them because we think they are unnecessary or do not apply in our case. But even if they’re blank, such a document should be part of your submitted application as required.

Failure to submit them could make your application incomplete and therefore invalid.

Affix your signature at designated area

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One of the final tasks in filling out an application form is to affix your signature attesting to the accuracy of the information provided. When doing this, be aware of special instructions like place your signature “inside the box”, “above the line” or other special location.

Submit authentic bank statements

One of the most crucial requirements for submission is financial statements proving one’s ability to support his or her family’s stay in the UK. Some applicants might provide copies that cannot easily be verified as a true and accurate representation of their financial status. It can be in the form of printouts from their online bank accounts or other forms of certification not recognized by UK Visas and Immigration.

The best approach is to get in touch with the bank and request for the financial statement that is acceptable in the visa application. If the bank does not have an official financial statement, printouts must bear a stamp or authorized signature.

Use registered English-language testing center

Many applications require applicants to show proficiency in the English language and provide English language test results. If you haven’t done so, check whether the agency that will assess your English language skills is registered by the UK Visas and Immigration. Otherwise, your results may not be recognized even if you have stellar language skills.

Submit certified translation of documents if they are not in English or Welsh

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A certified translation of your documents, if printed other than the official languages, is required. This may apply to your school records, employment certifications, bank statements, and other relevant documents.

Prepare other necessary documents and information

Applying for an immigrant or short-term tourist visa to the UK has a variety of requirements. In addition to the standard list of current passport and financial proof, other pieces of information may be required such as employment payslips, dates and itinerary of travel, cost of travel, parents’ names and birth dates and so on. Having them handy helps a lot facilitate a smooth application of your UK visa.

Just like in classroom tests, failure to follow simple instructions can be grounds of a visa refusal. More than just missed deadlines, wrong documents submitted and lack of eligibility, following simple instructions can be indicative of an applicant: if he or she cannot follow these basic rules, he or she may have the same attitude towards UK’s laws and regulations.

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