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Checklist of Items to Bring to Saudi Arabia

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When travelling abroad, you don’t always just bring clothes and personal hygienic and cosmetic (for the girls and some boys too) products with you when travelling. You also bring things like laptops or teddy bears for the kids if you have some. Of course, there is also the case of what the country you are travelling to allow their visitors to bring.

In the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, restrictions such as any non-Muslim religious article is not allowed although bringing a Bible with you for personal use could be considered and allowable, porno materials is not allowed for many obvious reasons, foods that contains pork (Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country and eating pork is against their belief), lethal or sharp objects even something like a nail cutter are not allowed especially any kind of illegal drugs.

However, there are also things that one would want to bring when going to Saudi Arabia. Here is a checklist of what to bring:

  • Adaptor or converter for sockets in Saudi
  • Important documents (Red ribbon, Photocopied and original copies of important documents, 2×2 pictures, OEC, ticket passport and the copy of contracts are just some of the things that you ought to bring with you)
  • Medications and vitamins (Bring the prescription in case you were asked what the medication is for)
  • Emergency money (300Riyals or 100USD would be enough)
  • Arabic Dictionary
  • Roaming simcard (this is available in Saudi Arabia) or Globe Mobile (this is optional)
  • Uniform and duty shoes (if you are an OFW that requires this)
  • Blanket
  • Slippers
  • Shampoo and other essentials that you might need
  • Extra food like instant noodles or canned foods would be helpful
  • Hanger and extra padlock
  • Iron for clothes is optional since you could find this somewhere.


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All of this should not exceed beyond 7 kilograms if you are bringing a handbag. For people who bring a shoulder bag with them, shoulder bags are not counted with the handbag as well as laptop bags. For the check-in luggage, a safe weight would range between 20 – 25 kg although this could vary depending on what airline you are boarding. Liquid substances would also not be allowed however they could still bring as long as they make sure that the substance is put in a 100 mL transparent container like a clear bottle.

Make sure that you could see your luggage from a distant by buying light colored or even neon colored luggage. You could also put stickers in it that so you could recognize that it is yours. Make sure that that your luggage is safely locked from the outside too.

When travelling it is important to know that a country that you are visiting a foreign country, you should remember that you are submitting yourself to their laws and belief system and because of this you should be able to respect this and abide to the laws of the foreign land as you would abide yours.

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