Monday, September 11, 2023

Female Workers in KSA Who Fail to Cover Head Face SAR1,000 Fine

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Female workers in Saudi Arabia will be subjected to a fine of SAR1,000 if they are caught without their head cover in office as new labor laws are introduced this week, a local daily said Monday.

According to Al-Hayat Arabic daily, companies that employ women who fail to enforce the law and issue written instructions regarding the matter could be fined SAR5,000.

“All companies must issue clear written instructions to their female workers to cover their head while in office. Erring companies will be fined SR5,000,” the report quoted a Labor Ministry official as saying.

The new law also includes fine of SAR5,000 for companies that force female employees to work at night. Those who fail to provide separate sections for women in the workplace will likewise be fined SAR10,000, the report said.

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  1. Well,how about the ofw maids who got no room in the house of the employer?
    Just want to know if all ofw housemaids got no privacy.just sleeping in the corner of the children’s room?
    Is these how Arabs treat Filipina in Saudi Arabia?
    Thank you for further answers.

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