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9 Reasons Saudi Arabia is Better Than United States

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When you think of Saudi Arabia, the first thing that might come to mind would be the desert and hot weather. However, Saudi Arabia ranked as the 46th major country in the world by population and 13th by land area, offers much more than dry sand and scorching heat. Life in Saudi Arabia might be different from the American dream but given an open mind ready for adventure, Saudi Arabia is at times better than the United States.

1.Income, Benefits and Economy
Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries that offer high-paying jobs that include accommodations, transportation and a 30 day rewarded holiday without the big taxes that usually go with it. The cost of living, food, entertainment and shopping are all within a reasonable, affordable range especially petrol. You wouldn’t find that anywhere in United States.

The education system is has gone through an astonishing development from 1932, today the system is open to all citizens, the government providing your children free education, books and health services. Saudi Arabia is also ranked higher than any other country in the world in terms of student-teacher ratio per 1000, which is at 11, twice that of United States.

The country could be the next Canada with its number of foreign population, especially in Riyadh, the country’s capital which could be New York, with people from all over the globe, with 8.4 million foreign residents (census 2010) even from countries you might not have heard of before. Needless to say, racial and cultural discrimination is at a lower than that of United States.

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The area is more than one-fifth of US territory and is ranked 145th and is four times that of United States. Statistics show 119.34 people/km2 of arable land.

Health benefits in Saudi Arabia costs $62/citizen/annum but public health is subsidized by the government. Health care subsidy by the government is at almost 80%, bigger than the 74% of United States.

6.Travel and Tourism
Along with its rich cultural history, Saudi Arabia also features stunning scenery from Riyadh, mountains of Abha and beaches along the shore of the Persian Gulf and Red sea and that is just to name a few.

The one thing that you would most definitely not find in United States is the food of Saudi Arabia. Be amazed by its unique flavor and expand your palate. Even the way of eating is different. The national dish, Kabsa, which is rice and chicken, is served at a platter that is surrounded by everyone to eat.

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Anyone who works or newly moved here knows that every day is a new adventure, what with new languages to learn, amassed cultures to experience and new foods to try. A trip to Saudi Arabia is a must on every bucket list.

9.Happy Planet Index
If you want to stay long-term or just thinking of it, this could be the deciding factor on it. The happy planet index is based on life expectancy, perceived well-being and environmental marks. Saudi Arabia is ranked 13th on the list with 59.7, America is ranked at 114th with value of 30.7. Saudi Arabia is noticeably 94% happier than United States.

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