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Tips on Grocery Shopping in Jeddah

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Shopping for essentials and goodies in Jeddah can be a fun and easy experience, whether you’re a new expat or a local resident. Jeddah offers a range of shopping options, from small sidewalk stores to large, modern supermarkets. Here are some tips to make your shopping trips to Jeddah’s markets and malls smoother.

You can find a wide variety of staple goods and imported products at Western-style grocery stores in Jeddah. These one-stop shops are popular for those who want everything under one roof and convenient parking. However, if you want fresh, locally-sourced produce, you may want to check out the local stores and the fish market.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are readily available in Jeddah all year round, with imported goods from all over the world. You can get your produce from three main sources: supermarkets, the fruit and vegetable market, and your local corner fruit and vegetable store. Supermarkets are the most convenient, with clean and well-stocked goods. The fruit and vegetable market, also known as Halaga, is located on the eastern side of the city and offers the freshest produce in open-air stalls. Prices here are often lower than in supermarkets. Local corner stores can offer good-quality produce, though their selection may be limited.

Tip: Build a relationship with your local vendor for the best deals on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Meat and Poultry

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Supermarkets are a reliable source of good meat, with options from various countries. Butcher shops in town offer fresh meat and poultry daily. Popular options include Tony G in Albadriah Center and Le Boucherat in Abdulmagsood Khoja Street, known for their high-quality imported meat such as steaks, ribs, and hot dogs.

Tip: Get to know your butcher for the best meat options and develop a good relationship for advanced ordering.

Fish and Seafood

Fish lovers should visit the Jeddah Fish Market (Bangala) in Al-Bagdadiyah, Al-Gharbiyah for the freshest catch, including fish, shrimp, crab, and lobster. Cleaning and filet services are provided by vendors, especially for frequent customers. Most supermarkets in Jeddah also have fresh fish sections, though prices may be higher than at the fish market. The Saudi Fish Company is a good source of fresh fish and has stalls in many supermarkets.

Bread and Bakeries

Jeddah offers a range of gourmet bakeries and large grocery stores with in-house bakeries. Popular options include Manuel for good bread, Refaat at Quraysh Street for Middle Eastern baked goods, and Danube for a variety of bread. For fancy bread, check out Paul, Voila, Delifrance, and The French Corner, known for their excellent baguettes, brioche, sourdough, and ciabatta.

Organic Food

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Many large supermarkets in Jeddah have sections dedicated to organic fruits and vegetables. For a wider selection of organic meat and produce, visit Abazeer, with an outlet at Sultan Street next to Marble Slab. Organic packaged food, such as rice, sauce, canned vegetables, and grains, is also available at Manuel and Danube.

Prepared and Frozen Food

Jeddah’s grocery stores also offer prepared and frozen food for those on the go. Freshly baked goods, such as manakeesh, sandwiches, and baked sambosa, are popular options. Quiches and baked treats are also available for a quick, high-quality meal. Larger supermarkets have salad bars for a quick and healthy meal option.

Grocery and supermarkets

There are several popular grocery stores and supermarkets in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Al Danube
  • Manuel
  • Carrefour
  • Panda
  • Lulu Hypermarket
  • Al-Othaim Markets
  • Al Tamimi Markets
  • Al Sadhan Group

These supermarkets offer a wide range of goods, from fresh produce to household items, and provide a convenient one-stop shopping experience for consumers. They also offer a variety of local and imported products, as well as a range of organic and diet food options.

Tips for grocery and supermarket shopping

  1. Know the locations: Familiarize yourself with the grocery stores and supermarkets in the area to make shopping more convenient.
  2. Compare prices: Check prices of items at different stores and supermarkets to get the best deal.
  3. Fresh produce: Buy fresh fruits and vegetables from local corner stores, fruit and vegetable markets or supermarkets.
  4. Quality meat: Look for high-quality meat at butcher shops and supermarkets, get to know the butcher for better deals.
  5. Fresh fish: Visit Jeddah Fish Market or purchase fish from the Saudi Fish Company for the freshest catch. Supermarkets also have fresh fish sections.
  6. Bread and bakeries: Try gourmet bakeries or large grocery store bakeries for different types of bread and pastries.
  7. Organic food: Most large supermarkets have dedicated sections for organic fruits, vegetables, and packaged food.
  8. Prepared and frozen food: Jeddah grocery stores sell ready-to-eat meals, quick frozen meals, and salad bars for quick and healthy options.
  9. Diet food: For those conscious about health and weight, most large supermarkets have a selection of diet food available.
  10. Develop a relationship with vendors: Get to know your local vendors, and exchange pleasantries, and you may benefit from lower prices and better selection.
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