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Saudi Labor Law: Penalties for Employers Counting Weekends as Part of Annual Leaves

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Employers who count weekends as part of a worker’s annual leave will be fined up to SAR100,000, a local daily quoting a Ministry of Labor source as saying on Sunday.

According to Makkah Arabic daily, the source said the ministry has recorded several infraction of employers taking advantage of the ignorance of employees about their rights. Such companies count weekends as part of annual vacation which is a clear violation of Saudi Labor Law.

Offenders often face monetary fines but also occasionally receive administrative sanctions. The ministry has the right to increase the penalty stated under the law when the violation is repeated.

The source said a deadline will be given to violators to settle their fines. Otherwise, they will receive harsher the penalties.

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In extreme cases, the ministry has the authority to shut down company operations for days. Repetition of infractions could subject the ministry to revoke the license of the employer.

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  1. Ser /mam
    gud evening im one of dh here in saudi I want to complain why my employer did not follow my contract I don’t have day off & I have more works here in the house im 1yr & 1month already I want to go home because im so tired already but they told me if I will go my agency will take me to another house & sell me that’s why im still here,,im so scared I want to go home because im sick already..ser pls help me here…thank you for this page…

  2. Aplikable po b eto sa pinoy-ofw? Saan po kya sa saudi labor law mababasa eto? May alam po b kyong link ng new saudi labor law? So paano po isumbong yung company na gumagawa nito, yung counted yung weekends sa vacation leave?

  3. Sir our salary salary delay..we received at date 22_24.. Every our basic salary is only 1100sr..we hope that can we got a basic salary here..12hrs working we got only 2 hrs..
    No day off..because they said every friday is full over time sir i got absent they want to stop work me.or cut salary.. And a i just begging them..we didn’t get food allowance.. That in our contract written..hope someone will respond our documents are keeping them like passport.. The company hold us oyon al hejaz est..rentAl called us we work at barncafe..i hope we not affect to me..thank you

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