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Understanding Saudi Jawazat

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Many people aspire to work abroad and a lot of Filipinos are vying for countries in the Middle East particularly in Saudi Arabia. Once all the necessary papers are done and be one of the lucky people who will get to travel to the said country, there will be words you have to be familiar with when you land. One of these words is Jawazat.

For newcomers to Saudi Arabia, this will be the second word they will hear after Iqama, as most of the newbies do not know what it is and what it is responsible for. Iqama is a residence permit issued to those expatriates who arrive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on an employment visa. The Iqama is valid for a period of 1-2 years.

Understanding Jawazat

So what is Jawazat? Jawazat is also known as the General Directorate of Passports. This is the department accountable for the issuance of Iqama for expatriates (whether be it for renewal or otherwise) and passports for permanent residents of the country.

Services provided by passport divisions at trading centers:

  1. Issuing/ canceling Exit-Reentry visas.
  2. Issuing/ canceling Final Exit visas.
  3. Issuing/ renewing residence permit cards.
  4. Register data of passport of household labor.
  5. Taking fingerprints of household labor.
  6. Printing an issued or renewed Iqama through Absher service.

In the previous times, both the exit and re-entry visas were done at Jawazat. The sponsor or the Human Resource person had to go to the agency personally to do the registration himself. However, due to the drastic technological change of this generation, one can now benefit from the services that are available online through Abshir.

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Step 1: Go to the Ministry of interior Page at

Step 2: Change the language to English if one can’t read and understand Arabic.

Step3: Click the “New User” Link in the upper right corner of the page.

Step 4: Enter all the relevant information. When entering your mobile number, remove the first zero.

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Step 5: You will receive an activation code through text message to the number you have previously encoded. Enter the activation number and the iqama as needed.

Saudi Jawazat

Step 6: Now, choose a user ID and password as per the conditions stated in the blue box that will immediately prompt on the right-hand side of the page. You may need to do 2-3 attempts before you get a user Id that has not been used already. Also, you can see on the right-hand side small green ticks and red crosses to indicate if your password meets all the conditions. This is for the safety and confidentiality of your own account.

Step 7: Click “print” to take a printout of the form.

Step 8: Sign and date the forms at the bottom left and submit them to the nearest Jawazat office nearest you. The Officer will collect the form and encrypt it into the computer. Your account will be activated within 5 minutes to one day, depending on the queue of applicants. If not, visit the office again.

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Alternately, you can register at Jawazat Kiosks available in various locations.

Jawazat Riyadh
Riyadh Passport Office
King Fahad Branch Road
Al Murabba 12613
Saudi Arabia

Jawazat Jeddah
Jeddah Passport Office
Abdullah Balkayhr
Al Baghdediah Al Sharqiyah
Jeddah 22241
Saudi Arabia

Eastern Province passports Office
9th Street
Dammam 32241
Saudi Arabia

Lastly, if one has a Riyadh bank account, one can complete the registration by visiting the Riyadh Bank Website (Log on to your online bank account). Once you register, you can log in and use the Abshir services provided by the Ministry of Interior.

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