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How to Earn Extra Money in Saudi Arabia

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Expats and OFWs working in Saudi have one goal in my mind,–that is to earn money. In this case, a little extra on the side never hurts anybody. Here are some tips to activities that can be done at home. Remember that all activities will vary directly depending on your personal skills and specialties. This might not be much help in fattening your budget but a little goes a long way when it comes to finances.

1.Cooking/catering service
Cooking and related skills is a very good skill to have. If you know how to cook a variety of dishes you can offer to cook for homebased parties (for expats and family/close friends only occasions, of course.) Especially if you can cook traditional dishes of your homeland, people would just be lining for your dishes.

2.Packed lunch box
A large number of expats in Saudi Arabia are single males, probably recent graduates or bachelors who have little to no time to cook for themselves and are often found chugging fast food. You could make a business providing them boxed meals, details can be coordinated according to your fashion as well as price, quantity and food quality. This is exceptionally attractive to those who are homesick for a home cooked meal.

3.Baked Items / Baking Lessons
Cakes and pastries are easy to make and easy to sell. Baking is also a very efficient stress reliever, so this hits two birds with one stone. However if one cannot be bothered or does not have the time to bake, you could teach others to do, for a fee of course. Better yet, invite more people to make an impromptu cooking class.

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This is where hobby takes new heights. If you have an eye for beautiful angles and photo/video editing, you can earn easy money by advertising this on social media. Photographers are very much in demand for home parties and events.

5.Fashion and Jewelry/ Tailoring services
Homemade fashion and unique jewelry pieces are selling like hot cake on street walks. Most women would happily buy these designs simply because it is unique and one of a kind. Beautiful materials can yield elegant creations and abayas, scarves and traditional clothes are in demand. Samples can be posted online. Dress designing/Stitching and embroidery can also be utilized to make crafts, or to teach others.

Wedding seasons call for a lot of hair and make-up artists, giving make-overs can be high paying but if you don’t have the time, you can earn by teaching and giving tutorials. Selling quality cosmetics is also profitable.

7.Event Manager
Event organizing and arrangement can offer handsome price checks if you have the skills and expertise whether it be a party or a corporate meeting.

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8.Mothering tutorials
Mothering and birth topics which used to be family oriented can also be offered by a complete stranger as long as she is knowledgeable or experienced in the field. Mothers-to-be and those planning to be are thirsty for information about pregnancy, childbirth, child-rearing and the like.

9.Day care services
Babysitting is a very good business, especially if you are good with kids and you enjoy looking after them. A day care/ Montessori for small children can be a great place to help mothers who have busy schedules as well as earn some cash.

10.Content or Article Writing
If you have some writing skills on different topics, or just good at expressing your opinions, you can utilize it and sell your articles. This is recommended for those who are a sticker to deadlines. There are many blogs and websites who offer online writing jobs.

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