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How to Get SMS Notification of Iqama Expiry Date

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If you have forgotten about your Iqama expiration date, there are 2 convenient ways to distinguish such and these are through text messaging and the World Wide Web.

If you are not able to register online, you can check through your mobile by sending an SMS to related network numbers below.

Key in the format below as your text message:


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Example: 12*123456789*123456789

Send the message to:
STC (Sawa): 888994
Mobily: 624444
Zain: 709444

Note: SMS CHARGE costs 1.5 SR

However, when you have registered on the Ministry of Interior website, you can simply log on and obey the following steps to check for the expiration or validity date of your Iqama.

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Step 1: Select ENGLISH as language from the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Website and find the E-Services (top Menu).

Step 2: Click on E-SERVICES, select PASSPORTS (left side) and extend it to find, “Query Iqama Expiry Service”

Step 3: Click on QUERY IQAMA EXPIRY SERVICE. Now you can see a webpage with two input boxes.

Step 4: Type the Iqama number that you would want to inquire in the first box, which is IQAMA NUMBER

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Step 5: Enter the catchpa IMAGE CODE in the second box, you can find the code in the image below the box.


Step 6: Click on VIEW, to submit the enquiry of your Iqama expiry date

Now you can see your Iqama validity or expiry date above the form. The form will not change; just check the top of the form. The form should look like this:

Iqama is valid until: YYYY/MM/DD (Expiry Date is in Hijri Date)

Furthermore, possessing a registered account on Ministry of Interior, you can also experience the following services (aside from checking the validity of your Iqama).

  • Check your eligibility for Hajj.
  • You can check your Medical Insurance details and its validity date.
  • Inquire of your traffic violation on your Iqama.
  • Check your vehicle insurance expiry date. (If applicable)
  • Check and issue Exit and re-entry visa for your dependents.
  • You can renew istamara of your vehicle by accessing this account.
  • Verify your traffic violation and your violation number.
  • Validate the status of your sponsorship change.
  • You can also confirm the funds available on your Iqama.
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