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How to Live as a Non-Muslim in Saudi Arabia

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A lot of people might perceive that living as a Non-Muslim in Saudi Arabia is extremely challenging. Most often than not, other people think that Saudis torture people with beliefs different than theirs and make it very difficult for them to live in their country. However, that’s usually a very common misconception. Despite the news regarding a group of Muslims all over the Middle East and other parts of the world that are causing harm to Non-Muslims, there are still countless Muslims that are peace-loving people; who are friendly, hospitable and accommodating. Non-Muslims should disregard the stereotype and embrace living in the said country but avoid a few extremists.

Tips on How to Live in Saudi Arabia as Non-Muslims

1.Non-Muslims should be aware and beware of the small fraction of individuals known as extremists. They are less open minded and may make other people’s lives chaotic by physically and or verbally attacking them. This group of individuals is also known to imprison, torture or demand ransom money from non-Muslims. 

2.Always consider the facts and figures before moving in to an Islamic country Search whether the other Non-Muslims who are already living in the country are safe and satisfied or not. Always stay for prepared. 

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3.Don’t provoke the individuals around you. Living freely does not mean you favor your religion in front of Muslims and discuss the differences and try to prove them wrong. Respect their beliefs and culture and their way of life. But if you want to discuss the topic, participate in an open debate with people who are interested, do not force other people. 

4.Interact with people who belong to different sectors, as they are usually safe and neutral.

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5.Avoid being judgmental. Dress up to mingle and merge with them. Be tolerant and befriend everyone. Accept customs and differences and do not argue. Maintain good interpersonal relationships with them. 

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6.Whatever you do, you will get it in return. Do well with them, act fair and honest and you will be given the same kind of treatment in return. 

7.If you own a dog, respect the Muslim belief that they are unclean so keep them away from the Muslims. Wear gloves while carrying them. 

Bottom line is that, when you live or visit a foreign country, you have to accept the fact that you will be the one to adjust to their culture, their beliefs and customs as a form of respect and not the other way around.

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