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How to Apply Iqama for (Filipino) Wife and Kids in Saudi Arabia

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If you are trying to get the iqamas or residence permits of your dependents (wife and children) you may find the experience I will narrate helpful. If you will be the one to process the Iqamas in Jawazat, these are the things you need to accomplish.

First, your dependents need to undergo medical examination in an accredited facility (by Jawazat). Inquire in the clinic if they do medical examination for Iqama purposes. When my family underwent medical examination, the following papers were asked from me by the clinic:

1. Photocopy of passport and visa of my family (1 copy each)
2. 2 x 2 pictures (2 copies each)
3. Photocopy of my iqama

They also asked for my mobile number. The result was released after one day.

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Second, you have to apply medical insurance for each member of your family. There are several offices outside the Jawazat office which sell medical insurances. The Jawazat or passport office is located at King Fahd road.

The following papers were asked from me by the insurance office:

1. Photocopy of passport and visa of family (1 copy each)
2. Photocopy of my iqama
3. My mobile number

The insurance card and other papers pertaining to the insurance were given to me after I paid. Please ask when the insurance would be reflected online in Jawazat office. When I applied, the insurance of my dependents reflected in the Jawazat office after one day. Another person who applied for insurance for his family discovered that the insurance of his family reflected online in less than two hours.

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moi_saThird, you have to fill up the application form from Jawazat. There is a downloadable form online. You may go to the MOI website, tick e-form, then tick Iqama issue form.

The form is in arabic and there is no english translation so you need the help of someone who reads and writes Arabic. The important details needed in filling up the form are:

1. Complete name ng wife/children
2. Passport numbers
3. Arabic number written in the passport when your family passed through the immigration counters when they arrived in the kingdom.

It would be better if you are holding the passports when filling up the forms.

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There are persons outside Jawazat who can help you fill out the forms for a fee. Someone told me the charge is about 10 SAR per person.

After completing the requirements, you have to arrange the papers for each individual. For example, for the wife, staple the following:

1. Completely filled out Iqama issuance form
2. Copy of passport and visa
3. Medical examination
4. Copy of insurance
5. 2×2 or passport size picture with white background (I prepared two photos but only one was asked from me)

As soon as I completed the required papers I proceeded to Jawazat office. Upon entering the male section, I took the stairs on the left side going to the floor above.

I went to the “bridge” with a signage reading “MODIFICATIONS”. At the end of the bridge I turned left where there is another sign saying “ADD BABY” (I am not so sure though of the exact wordings on the signage). There were several windows in that section.

I submitted my papers in one of the windows. The officers behind the window would want the papers arranged properly. After checking the papers, the officer asked for the pictures one by one. Afterwhich, I was instructed to wait and in no less than 10 minutes the Iqamas of my family were handed to me. I did not pay any fee in Jawazat. However, the section officer in charge told me that if my children were above 18 years old, there would be a fee.

rberangoAbout the Author: Ruben is a physician with specialty in Radiology and subspecialty in Ultrasound. He is currently working in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To him, there is nothing more rewarding than to go home and see his family each day.

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