Emirati Employer Jailed 10 Years For Raping Filipina Maid

An Emirati sponsor in Dubai who employed a Filipina domestic worker has been sentenced to 10 years in jail after raping her and threatening to physically assault her at his residence, Gulf News reported.

The defendant, 62, and employed in the government, has been accused of raping his servant at his villa in Al Ghusais in October. The Filipina maid went directly to the police station to file a complaint where she told the duty police officer that her sponsor had repeatedly raped her after threatening to beat her up.

When the police called the Emirati man for questioning, he dismissed the maid’s claims and said that she had fabricated the rape case because he was planning to send her back to her country. The accused told police that the maid had fabricated the case because he was planning to send her back to her country.

After failing to attend any of the hearings or enter a plea, the presiding judge sentenced the man in absentia/

The 52-year-old woman testified before prosecutors that the accused had hired her to work for him in December 2016.

“He started raping me in March 2017 and he did it several times… he constantly threatened to beat me and I was scared and forced to remain silent because of the fear of being abused and beaten. Every time he wanted to
have sex, he would threaten to beat me,” she said.

“I couldn’t resist him because he was stronger and threatened to beat me. Thereafter I ran away from his flat and rushed to the nearest police station and told them what had happened,” the maid testified.

The accused reportedly told prosecutors and police interrogators that he never had sex with the Filipina and that she had fabricated her rape claims because she was incompetent and since he had made up his mind to send her back to her country.

Under the UAE Criminal Procedures Law, the defendant is entitled to a retrial once he surrenders himself.