Employer Fires Filipino Helper Over Unpaid Debt

A Filipino domestic worker in Hong Kong was fired by her employer after a debt left by an older member of her family remained unpaid, The SUN reported.

The helper, named Nhe Nhe, was asked by an older family member for use of her passport to get a loan. As the relative failed to settle the outstanding debt, the loan company eventually chased Nhe Nhe to recover its money.

When Nhe Nhe brought the case to the Philippine Consulate’s Assistance to Nationals section, an ATN officer made an agreement with the borrower to repay the debt on a monthly installment basis which the Philippine Consulate agreed to monitor.

However, no payments were received in the month after the agreement was made. Last week a debt collector called Nhe Nhe’s employer and asked where she was.

The employer terminated Nhe Nhe’s contract and paid her out – after 10 years of service to the family.