Filipina Caregiver in Israel Tops Middle East Teachers Board Exam

Filipina caregiver Devy Anna Exiomo, who is based in Israel, has topped the Professional Teachers Board Exam for the Elementary category in the Middle East, according to to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Exiomo, who has been working in Israel since 2015, is the lone passer among 88 examinees in the country.

The Professional Regulations Commission announced that only six out of 179 passed the 2017 Special Professional Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers for Elementary level given last Sept. 2 in the Middle East, registering a passing rate of 3.35 percent.

The DFA said the licensure exam is in line with the Philippine Embassy’s reintegration program for Filipino overseas workers in Israel who are on five-year contracts as caregivers.

On Friday, the agency said the SPLE hopes to provide opportunities for decent and sustainable work for returning Overseas Filipino Workers in line with “Sa ‘Pinas Ikaw ang Ma’am at Sir” (In the Philippines, you’re the Sir and Ma’am) reintegration program of the Department of Labor and Employment.

The successful candidates for both Nurses and Professional Teachers were instructed as follows for the oath-taking procedures and requirements: “Register online using the PRC accounts that you have. Anytime you go back to the Philippines, you should take your oath before an administering officer of PRC. After oath-taking, PRC will register your name in the Registration Book for Professionals. PRC will issue your Identification Card, Certificate of Registration, and Report of Rating after the oath-taking and registration.”