Advantages of MoneyGram Money Remittance

There are plenty of money remittance agents out there, some offer better rates, others take pride in convenience over their extensive branch locations.

MoneyGram has both of such advantages that provide ease of use and value for money for its customers.

1. It is conveniently located.
MoneyGram branches are virtually everywhere. For instance, there are over 25,000 MoneyGram outlets in Russia, over 47,000 in the United States, 16,000 locations in China, over 22,000 locations in Africa, over 13,000 locations in Italy, over 11,000 locations in Spain.

2. It is open for everyone.
You don’t need to create a bank account or hold a credit card to make a transaction with MoneyGram.

3. It is easy to transact.
You’ll only be required with an ID, passport or proof of address to transact.

4. Money is sent to recipient quickly.
Money you sent will be received in just 10 minutes. Of course, this is subject to receiving agent operating hours and other local restrictions but be assured that just moments afte you send, money is almost within the recipient’s hands.

5. It has a reliable brand.
MoneyGram has over 70 years of experience in money transfer business and has built a credible reputation in handling customer satisfaction.

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