Filipino Worker in Dubai Saves 4 From Drowning in Jumeirah Beach

A Filipino worker at a hypermarket chain in Dubai performed the heroic act of saving four people from drowning at Jumeirah Open Beach early Saturday.

Alvin Pancito, 30, happened to be in the beach at 2am on Saturday while on midnight picnic with group of friends when he heard screams for help.

In a report by Gulf News, Pancito, who confessed to being scared of the sea, said he ran to where the cries for help came from despite the darkness in surrounding.

“I waited a bit to see what was happening and if anyone would run for help.”

Understandably, no one did as Pancito observed the sea was rough at the time even as he overheard an eyewitness as saying ‘I won’t take the risk, it’s just too dangerous.’

But the Filipino with thalassophobia just couldn’t ignore the pleas for help and dove into the water. Then all of a sudden, witnesses saw him jumped out of water with two women in tow.

“We saw him save two women first. Big waves swept the other two further away but Alvin managed to reach the man who appeared to be an Arab,” said Boyet Sanchez, manager of a production company as quoted by Gulf News.

Pancito swam back into the sea after a bystander pointed at another person still in the sea. He eventually rescued the woman who was unconscious at the time.

Ambulance services reached out to the victims and brought them to the hospital.

Bryan Javier, a friend of Pancito who described him as a thin guy, was in awe of his deeds.

“What shocked us was the sheer strength of character and courage that Alvin showed. Despite his physical appearance, he is a thin guy actually, he managed to save all four people. To us he was like Superman swimming back and forth non-stop, risking his life for total strangers,” Javier said.

The screams for help reminded Pancito of an incident in the family years ago.

“Thirteen years ago, my sister was close to drowning in the sea and there was no one to help. I saw her almost lifeless but I managed to reach her and take her to safety,” Pancito said.

“To be honest, I’m really scared of the sea. I have been so since that happened to my sister. But on Saturday, there was no time to think. I just had to go and help them in whatever way I can.”