First Batch of Filipino Construction Workers To Arrive in Singapore in March

Fifteen construction workers from the Philippines are expected to arrive in Singapore  next month.

The group is part of the 200 workers Singapore plans to bring in the midst of a construction boom in the city-state.

singapore-constructionThe Filipino workers received skills certification after completing training and passing tests at the first Overseas Testing Centre (OTC) set up in Manila. Once all four of the testing centers are operational in the middle of the year,  about 200 workers a month will be deployed to Singapore.

Sri Lanka and the Philippines are the new sources of foreign workers to help Singapore cope with the construction boom. They complement the current source of construction workers coming from China, India and Bangladesh.Twenty construction workers from Sri Lanka were brought to Singapore last September.

Filipinos who wish to work in Singapore must undergo a two-month training at OTC before they can take the test. The facility conducts tests in six skill trades including tiling and electrical wiring installation.

Filipino workers can expect a salary of about $800 per month or $30 a day.

They will complement the current construction workers in Singapore, who are mainly from China, India and Bangladesh.