Common Misconceptions and Myths About Canada

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Canada is one of the most sought-after countries that is why it is not surprising that the country’s population continues to boom ‘til the present time. According to Canada’s 2010 Statistics Report, Australians have the highest proportion of immigrants in Canada at 26.8%. If you are one of those people who are longing to be one of Canada’s immigrants in a time to come, it is better to decipher some of the common misconceptions and myths about Canada.

Misconception: Be bothered when you don’t know how to speak French.
Fact: Canada is bilingual. Not only French is the official language of Canada, but English too. Nonetheless, it remains a wise idea if you prime yourself with some French terms just in if you wish to ask for directions or answer basic questions. Most people in Canada know how to speak English with exception in the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick where most inhabitants use the French language.

canada_ehMisconception: Canadians always say “eh”.
Fact: This is not always true to all Canadians. It is observed that Canadians who are not fluent and eloquent in English have the tendency to articulate “eh” even not intentional.

Misconception: Canada is a socialist country.
Fact: A socialist state is a country where the common people have full control over the economy. For the record, Canada is a parliamentary democracy state which considers that the law bears the supreme authority.

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Misconception: Milk in bag forms is popular in Canada.
Fact: Ontario and Quebec are two main cities that use bags in containing milk. See this video to see what I am referring to.

Misconception: Canada is a racist country.
Fact: There is no downright answer for this but I prefer to categorize this idea as a fallacy. Like any other country, some of its people are good while some are not.

Misconception: Canada offers free health care.
Fact: Canadians have insurance policies that assist them financially whenever they encounter unexpected occurrences such as accidents and emergencies. But most often, health care services in Canada are covered by taxes. Some of the free health care services in Canada include medicines and ambulance ride. Cosmetic surgery is often not covered.

Misconception: Canadians live in igloos. 
Fact: This is one of the most popular fallacies about Canada. The idea of igloos however is not a myth. Eskimos or the indigenous people of Canada used to live there in the olden times. Igloos are made from snow and ice. But some would say that even Eskimos at present don’t live in igloos as most people think.

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