What Canadians Think of Filipinos?

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First impressions can be lasting so if they’re negative, such impressions could haunt down the road. For Filipino newcomers in Canada, one must be wondering how their Canadian neighbors, classmates or colleagues must think of them.

‘Filipino time’
Being late is somewhat of a Filipino stereotype and, to be honest, this stereotype is not something to be proud of. In Canada, an in any country for that matter, time is of great importance and punctuality to any meeting is expected. This is why this so-called ‘Filipino time’ is such a stand out considering that we do this not only in our country but also in other countries as well, apparently.

‘Asian car brands’
This is not really much of a behavioural stand out but rather it is something that the resources in our country dictate. Most of the car brands here in the Philippines are almost always owned by Asian companies and because this is what we always see in the market, this is what we are most likely to buy. However, there is also the issue of trust in these Asian car brands. There is a reason why these brands thrive in our country and this is trust. Although we could probably say that some European car brands are fancier or whatnot, Asian car brands has been proven and tested not only in our generation but also in the past generations that came before us.

‘Rice Addiction’
Rice is an everyday necessity of life here in the Philippines. To us, everything is better with a hot rice with it. No matter how cold the dish is, if it comes with hot rice, then you can eat it. This is a common trait in almost all Asian countries but especially in Filipinos. There are even Canadians that says Filipinos live longer because we eat rice a lot.

Photo Credit: Philippinereporter.com
Photo Credit: Philippinereporter.com
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Taking a bath everyday
Philippines is a tropical country and hot days are not just summer weather for us but an everyday weather every year. In other countries, such as Canada, taking a bath every day is not something that they are used to especially during winter when it’s just too cold to even stand in the shower naked.

‘Every Filipino can sing’
Not that we can actually negate this certain stereotype because, let’s be honest, singing is literally a Filipino turf. And we are not just good singers inside our shower room but this stereotype is backed up with hundreds of Filipino singers winning every singing or talent contest not only in our home country but also in international singing or talent contest. It must be something in our adobos that we have this gifted golden voice.

Filipinos are naturally happy people even if we are faced with millions of problems than we think we can handle, somehow, we still manage to smile through it all.

Relatives. Relatives. Relatives
Family is one of the greatest treasures that we treasure as Filipinos. We will do anything for them and that’s why we work abroad to give them a better future. Also most of the Filipinos who get in Canada get here through family sponsorships and petitions to immigrate eligible relatives that why foreigners often thing our connections are unending.

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